School doesn't need

to offer another sport

Regarding the Nov. 2 story, "High school girls volleyball/CAL serves up new sport":

Egg Harbor Township High School wishes to add volleyball to its sports offerings. While that seems reasonable and feasible on first viewing, the school already offers way too many sports activities - football, soccer, track and field, cross country, tennis, golf, crew, baseball, softball, field hockey, basketball, swimming, wrestling, lacrosse, cheerleading. And I may have missed a few. What's next? Rugby and cricket?

All these activities require money to operate, coaches, playing fields, transportation to contests with other schools, very expensive equipment and insurance. It would be best to cut this down to about 10 sports. A few of these sports are rather elitist, catering to a privileged few, and hardly worthy of being in a public school that depends on taxpayer dollars.

This is happening in our local high school where a fair number graduate not knowing how to write, read or comprehend the English language. A longer school year, a longer school day and more concentration on academics might stem the tide.


Egg Harbor Township

With Obama's victory,

the people were heard

The voice of the people was heard. As a member of the 47 percenters and a senior citizen, I found the re-election of President Barack Obama was most gratifying.

Reason overcame fear, and the nonsense from the right was vanquished. As a white male who was unfortunately in a minority in my age group, I can only wonder how others saw the election.

The president cares about people - the old, the young, women and their reproductive rights, the right of people to marry the person they choose and 100 percent of Americans.

I could not identify with a tall, thin, white man with $250 million, but rather with a tall, thin, black man who cared for all the people.

I voted for the right man, not the white man. May we all join together and work for a better America.


Egg Harbor Township

National Guard members

have earned our thanks

I would like to express gratitude to members of the New Jersey Army National Guard who have been at the Jersey Shore since Day One of the hurricane crisis, aiding people through rescue, evacuation and cleanup of properties, roads and beaches. I, for one, am so very proud of my son. Thank you.




grateful to Galloway voters

I want to express my heartfelt appreciation to all those who voted in last week's election in Galloway Township.

As a new councilman, I am humbled by the trust placed in me, and I take it very seriously. I have already taken steps to hit the ground running when I am sworn in.

I received 6,964 votes and my opponent received 6,265. Some would say a difference of 699 votes is a convincing victory. But I look at those numbers and realize that 6,265 residents were not convinced that I am up to the task of serving their best interests. My mission is to prove to them that I share their concerns and will work hard every day to improve the quality of life in our community.

If you see me around town, stop me. Tell me your thoughts and concerns. I promise to listen and act to make things easier and safer or more pleasant for you and your family. I am encouraged by the fact that current members of Council have already reached out to congratulate me on my victory. I have no doubt that I will be able to do some good things with this team of dedicated public servants.



Galloway Township

America has turned

in a sad direction

Our country has definitely turned from capitalism to a nation of the "entitled."

Give me more, share the wealth, more government in our daily lives, business is evil, political correctness, bigger government, feelings are more important than laws, massive national debt and to hell with personal responsibility.

I keep thinking about the direction of our country and what we are leaving to our children and grandchildren. I think anyone older than 60 will be OK, but I don't like what I see coming in 20 years and how that will affect the generations to follow. And it's because the people who work for a living are outnumbered by those who vote for a living.


Galloway Township

Stock market drop

a clear manipulation

Regarding the 300-point drop in the stock market the day after the election:

So the angry business world reacted to the election results by manipulating the stock market to make it appear that President Barack Obama's re-election is destroying the economy.

Wall Street, that group of glorified compulsive gamblers, is so predictable. Their little game is so obvious, but they're so self-absorbed that they don't realize it.



American economy

is on the right track

I write this letter as a first-time voter, a struggling college student, a female, a caucasian, but - most important - as an American.

I voted for President Barack Obama. I made this decision because I believe in him and what he can do for the economy. I believe that four years is too short of a time to bring an economy that was in a deep recession back onto its feet. I believe the next four years will be better, America.

I believe that with Obama in office, my job opportunities after graduation are going to improve. I believe that a better future for this country is on its way and in the making. I believe in Obama because he is a symbol of hope, and there has never been anything false about hope.




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