No point in voting

for two major parties

We have everything to lose and nothing to gain if we keep voting for the same two parties over and over again.

You would have to be insane to think they have the people's best interest at heart. They lie to our faces on TV, and we think maybe this time everything will magically change so we can have lots of money and no more worries. Really?

Both parties are owned by Wall Street. Giant corporations have been sucking money out of our wallets. This will not stop unless we, the people, fight back.

I beg my fellow Americans to rise up and get informed by reading the books "Who Stole the American Dream" by Hedrick Smith and "The Party is Over" by Mike Lofgren.

If reading a book is too much for you, at least watch "Bill Moyers & Company" on PBS while PBS is still on the air.

By the way, New Jersey is not a swing state, so feel free to vote for Jill Stein or Ross "Rocky" Anderson for president. We must stop playing the two parties' game.


Estell Manor

There are limits

to presidential power

We could use some sanity to calm our election-season hysteria.

Reading some of the letters in The Press, one is struck with how little the writers seem to understand our political system. Comments seem like sound bites heard on cable news.

There are constitutional and political limits on how much any president can accomplish. He and his advisers set the the general outlines for his agenda and rely on congressional partisans to translate that into law. Unless the president's party has an overwhelming majority, his proposals go nowhere or are changed.

President Barack Obama's difficulties in getting his programs through in his first two years in office, with a Democratic majority, stemmed from a lack of a filibuster-proof Senate majority, where Republicans blatantly vowed to defeat all his proposals.

After 2010, House tea partiers dictated the Republican agenda. Few bills acceptable to anyone could pass. Whoever is president in 2013 will have to work with whichever party dominates Congress.


Wildwood Crest

Social Security does not

require direct deposit

Regarding the Oct. 23 Savvy Senior column by Jim Miller, "Direct deposit options for Social Security recipients":

The information concerning a requirement that Social Security benefits be direct-deposited is incorrect.

The requirement to have benefits direct-deposited has been tabled indefinitely and articles such as this one can cause people who do not use banks to become fearful. The facts are that not only can future recipients of federal benefits elect to receive a paper check, but current recipients can contact Social Security and have their benefits sent to them in check form also.

As an owner of a community financial services center for more than 30 years, I am well aware of the needs and concerns of the people who use my services. Most do not trust banks, cannot afford to have an account or have had previous dealings with banks, but banks will no longer have dealings with them. Another reason our customers may not have bank accounts is that our identification requirement are more liberal than banks'.

When our customers think they are going to be forced to deal with any bank, it creates fear. Giving out incorrect information concerning federal benefits only causes unnecessary concern. Readers should be aware of their options and know that this direct deposit requirement has not been enacted.


Atlantic City Check Cashing

Atlantic City

Candidates would benefit

Lower Twp. school board

On Nov. 6, three qualified women are seeking seats on the Lower Township Board of Education.

Joell Worster, a school psychologist for 13 years who is completing her supervisory certification, will bring that knowledge along with her experience as a parent of children in the Lower Township schools. A lifelong resident, she is committed to pursuing quality education to help every child grow and become productive and successful adults.

Dawn Aftanis believes education is the foundation of our children's future and that children learn in different ways. She studied early childhood education at Bucks County Community College and works in educational administration as the secretary to the superintendent in Middle Township. She is the parent of two children.

Patricia Smith operated the Country School on Townbank Road for 20 years before teaching at the Mitnick School for 18 years. She has a bachelor's degree in elementary education and a certificate in early childhood education. A longtime township resident, she previously served on the Lower Township and the Lower Cape May Regional boards of education.

Please support these candidates who are "Committed to children and change."


Cape May

Presidential campaign

an insult to voters

This election campaign has engendered many emotions - fear, worry, but mainly, for me, the feeling of being insulted. It has been long on personal attacks and short on substance. We make decisions based on statements made out-of- context. There are so many problems looming, but our focus becomes blunder, binders and Big Bird.

Have you enjoyed the voter categorization? You are not a person with a vote. No, you are pigeonholed into color, creed, gender, age, marital status and just about every other distinguishable feature. I feel the most insulting placement is to be considered a percentage, which implies people who must all act and think the same way.

The cost of elections is really over the top. Think of how many problems could be solved with the money being used for name-calling and bully-like behaviors.

We have leaders who are not leading and followers who follow for personal gain. Government is in shambles, education in chaos, the medical system is teetering and families are in crisis. Which one person could solve these problems?

The job is bigger than one person and one party. It will take a unified effort and sacrifice, but I don't see that happening any time soon.

People seem to be more concerned about what's in it for me and the rest can fend for themselves, which is certainly a path leading to destruction.

I would encourage you to vote in this election. We have a long, complicated ballot. It is not a game. Think long and hard about how to vote. The only wasted vote is an uncast vote. Vote on Nov. 6. It is one of your remaining freedoms.



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