Margate, Longport

paid for lack of dunes

We live in Margate and love the shore. We are thankful that our home was not damaged. Others were not so lucky.

We took a ride up and down Ventnor Avenue and were amazed at the damage. But there was a big contrast between the sand damage in Longport and Margate and in Ventnor and Atlantic City. In Margate and Longport, the sand covered the streets and lawns. The streets were covered in sand a good 2 feet deep. In Ventnor and Atlantic City, the streets were clean - no sand. How come?

Ventnor and Atlantic City had dunes. Margate and Longport chose not to take part in the last dune-building project. The dunes did their job. They protected the cities behind them. Margate and Longport chose not to have the full protection of the dunes and are now paying for it.

I hope a lesson is learned here. You don't fool with Mother Nature. You get all the protection you can. Living on the coast is great. But we must respect its dangers. There will be more storms, and I hope we are better prepared for them.



Donate or volunteer -

Red Cross can use your help

As chairman of the New Jersey Southern Shore Chapter of the American Red Cross, I would like to recognize the tremendous effort that our local volunteers have provided to the people of our communities in response to Hurricane Sandy.

This unprecedented disaster has stretched our resources. The dedicated Red Cross volunteers who have trained and prepared to help relieve suffering and offer comfort and hope have been working tirelessly during the past 13 days. We are very proud that when the need was most urgent, the Red Cross was there, serving the people of our region.

Our local volunteers have been assisted by hundreds of volunteers from around the United States, Canada and Mexico. As of Nov. 5, the Red Cross had helped people in 10 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico affected by Sandy. We have served over 1.6 million meals and snacks, provided nearly 24,000 health services and emotional support contacts while handing out nearly 100,000 relief items. The Red Cross has hosted more than 57,000 overnight shelter stays.

The response to Sandy is likely to be the largest Red Cross relief operation in the past five years. If you would like to donate, visit, call 1-800-RED CROSS or text the word REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation. Your gift to the Red Cross enables us to provide shelter, food, emotional support and other assistance to those affected by Sandy.

If you would like to volunteer, call our chapter at 609-646-8330.



Southern Shore Chapter

American Red Cross


Obama victory

a win for the people

Even with all that big money and racially charged negativity tossed against him, Barack Obama won re-election. This is truly history in the making. America will be represented, after all.

The first African American man to serve a second term as president of these United States - we've come a long way, baby. It just goes to show that big money means nothing. People matter. Our voices and votes count.


Atlantic City

N.J. lucky to have

governor like Christie

Thank goodness Chris Christie is our governor. What other governor would be working so tirelessly with and for the people of his or her state during this disastrous hurricane? This man worked like a machine, helping to keep us safe and updating us. He worked day and night with the people as well as dealing with the media and various agencies. What other politician would put aside party politics - during a presidential campaign, no less - to praise the opposite team for its help and support?

Thank you, governor. Your behavior has set the bar a bit higher for other politicians. All we can hope for is Chris Christie in 2016.


Galloway Township

Christie and Obama

snubbed A.C. residents

Last week, there was much anticipation about a visit to Atlantic City by President Barack Obama. At the time, I had evacuated Atlantic City, but the possibility of a presidential visit was exciting.

Soon, however, that turned to disappointment and anger at Gov. Chris Christie, who chose to take another opportunity to snub Mayor Lorenzo Langford, thereby ignoring the citizens of Atlantic City. Christie rode the president through Atlantic City on the way to one of the more affluent shore communities - Brigantine - where a community shelter was visited and the occupants greeted by the president and the governor.

Why was there not a visit to Atlantic City's citizens? Where were their photo ops? Governor Christie, Atlantic City is more than your cash cow.


Atlantic City

Unusual weather

is now a pattern

In the last year alone we have had Hurricane Irene, the derecho and now Hurricane Sandy. I want to thank all the first responders who again risked their lives to save lives. I'd also like to thank Mayor Jack Glasser, the various department heads and every employee and volunteer for putting the citizens of Somers Point first. Atlantic City Electric, the county Office of Emergency Management, the Governor's Office and the countless volunteers who manned shelters and organized storm-relief assistance programs also deserve our thanks.

What was once an unusual weather phenomenon for this area is unfortunately becoming a pattern. We all need to start taking storm warnings more seriously and start preparing for our families' safety and needs before these events happen.


City Councilman

Somers Point