Don't blame

Democrats' 'gifts'

I thought it was quite funny that Mitt Romney told his top donors that Republicans lost the election because Democrats give "gifts" to people.

President Barack Obama didn't record Romney telling his $50,000-a-plate donors that 47 percent of the people can take care of themselves. The 47 percent are the people who make $25,000-$35,000 a year. We sure weren't at that dinner.

Romney is out of touch with average folks, and he couldn't hide it.

Romney has so many millions, maybe he can give a "gift" by giving some of his donors some of their donations back.


Atlantic City

Black Friday shopping

is really no bargain

Black Friday boggles my mind. It inspires cults of so-called savvy shoppers to sometimes camp out all night, sometimes for days before the Friday after Thanksgiving to get great deals on Christmas gifts.

There is nothing like waking up way before the sun has risen (isn't that what we did in the Army?) to stand in line before storming the retail stores with credit cards in hand.

These shoppers think they are saving big money, but in reality they are not. Why? Because most likely their savings will be devoured by the high-interest credit cards they are toting in their holsters. So, not only do they lose sleep, they lose money.

I feel it is dangerous to even be inside one of those stores. Who can forget that poor soul who was trampled to death at a Walmart a few years ago by throngs of shoppers who actually destroyed the front door while yelling and screaming for bargains? There is plenty of time to shop before Christmas. This year let's make it a safe one by shopping for bargains in circulars and then planning ahead to avoid these crazy practices that many think are necessary to kick off the holiday season.


Egg Harbor City

Sandy sent message:

Move to higher ground

I feel so bad for people who lost property and homes in superstorm Sandy.

But people who are just going to rebuild in the same place don't realize God gave everyone a message to move away to a better place, because with global warming it's going to happen again.

Some people saw the storm as just a good excuse to raise gas prices and taxes. This country is going down the toilet. Another recession is coming, so let's raise all the prices up. I had damage to my property twice with fallen trees, which I paid out of my pocket.


Somers Point

Biased media helped

Obama win re-election

The election is over and President Barack Obama should thank the media for their bias and selective reporting.

The lack of reporting concerning Obama's executive privilege claim for the Fast and Furious gun program and concerning the tragic deaths at our consulate in Libya revealed the true bias of the news media.

The fact that the media failed to provide extended coverage of the deaths of those who serve our country is at best a travesty. The policy of media outlets has been to protect the president, no matter what. Sadly, even The Press has also fallen into this pattern of no news is good news. It is time newspapers fulfill their duty and become truly "news" papers.

CNN correspondent Candy Crowley, who moderated the second presidential debate, injected herself into the debate with half-truths favorable to the president - a travesty in and of itself.


Ocean City

I am a physician,

•ot a 'provider'

Regarding recent letters concerning how patients are referred to in doctors' offices:

To parody the singer Taylor Swift, I will "never ever" accept the description of a patient as a consumer or customer. Further, I will never accept myself as a provider instead of a physician.

It naturally follows that I will never accept an alternative to the term physician-patient relationship. Please, insurers and government, do not denigrate this relationship into an economic interaction. This dehumanizes one of society's most important relationships.



Businesses need help

to save the Jersey Shore

Sandy is just the latest disaster to hit businesses in shore towns. Last year, Tropical Storm Irene caused an evacuation, and millions of dollars in recreational spending were lost. Those dollars were needed to pay taxes and business expenses during the fall and winter.

The business community is now under pressure to pay sales taxes, employee taxes and federal taxes. The penalties on late property taxes are extremely high in any economic climate. New Jersey lawmakers should consider immediate relief by placing a moratorium on all state taxes and penalties.

The insurance industry has all but abandoned shore towns, making it very difficult to get insurance for wind damage. Our state needs to intervene, as it did to try to control the cost of automobile insurance. We need the New Jersey Economic Development Authority to provide 1 percent loans to shore businesses. And we need tax abatements for all businesses in areas where flooding cannot be controlled.

Gov. Chris Christie has done an excellent job so far responding to the storm, but we must keep the momentum going.

The coastal business community has been terribly hurt. It is not enough to save the shore. We must save the people who help build the shore. People ask how can they can help. Money is the tool of business, and real help would come from allowing businesses to delay tax payments and payments to utility companies, banks and insurance companies.

We can save the shore, but we need help .



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