Looters, gougers

make storm worse

I've lived at the Jersey shore for more than 50 years, and people from all over would come down for the summer and say how lucky I was for living here. We also always heard one thing about South Jersey - that we never get any disasters. Well, we did, and we still love the area. But it makes me sick when I see all the people suffering and my childhood haunts destroyed.

What makes me sick is reading about looters and people gouging others. We should all be looking out for each other, but instead some are preying on the people who are affected by the disaster.

The people who loot and rob are just losers who have no morals or brains. The ones who gouge know better. Those who charge $50 for a pizza and $300 for rooms along both pikes should have to donate all the money they robbed to the Red Cross.

I hope God gives them what they deserve in the end. Help your neighbor if you can.



Obama re-election

shows power of fools

Kudos to the depraved electorate of fools who defied reason and chose President Barack Obama to be their prince for the second time. America will survive the follies of another Obama administration, but it may not survive the multitude of fools who chose him to be their president in the first place.


Little Egg Harbor Township

Quest for social justice

will destroy the nation

Regarding the Nov. 9 letter, "Ensuring social justice part of government's job":

First, to set the record straight, the Constitution tasks the government with promoting, not providing for, the general welfare. There is a huge difference, and the writer, sadly, is simply passing on a liberal talking point. We have been experimenting with social justice for some time now, and we can see the unfortunate and damaging results.

Social justice is not compassion, but a force that stifles self improvement, intellectual stimulation, inventiveness and entrepeneurship. Social justice, or simply redistribution of wealth, is a nice-sounding phrase describing the act of taking from one person and giving to another who neither earned nor deserved it. It is why everyone who plays gets a trophy.

In a society like the one the writer envisions, those on the receiving end fail to reach their innate potential. Those from whom much is taken, either give up, limit the growth of the source of their wealth (and the potential jobs that would have been created), or move to a friendlier location, like China. Eventually the government must take over the reins of business, and the country wallows in mediocrity and corruption. History is full of examples. May this not be our fate.



Please, reach a deal

on deficit reduction

This is a plea for President Barack Obama and congressional leaders to reach a compromise on a long-term deficit/debt program. The issue has been researched long enough. The fundamentals of a compromise are clear. You can tinker around the edges of the Simpson/Bowles plan, the Rivlin/

Domenici plan, or the "Gang of 6" plan, but they represent the basis for a reasonable deal. Any reasonable deal should include tax/revenue increases as well as spending/cost cuts. A fair balance between the two should pivot around a dollar for a dollar. In my opinion, it's time to end the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy. The public unarguably opposes their unduly favorable tax treatment.

An overwhelming majority of Americans want this done soon. It is time for Obama and Congress to live up to the title "Honorable," put any party differences aside and do what needs to be done for the good of this great nation.



Obama, Christie show

how it's supposed to be

Regarding the Nov. 10 Rob Tornoe cartoon about Gov. Chris Christie, President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney:

Obama and Christie are being ridiculed for working together. They should be recognized as shining examples of how politicians cross party lines for the good of the people. In actuality, this is how the government is supposed to work - for the people, not the political party. But their behavior is so out of character for politicians that it has become cartoon material. How sad for all of us.



Egg Harbor Township

Republicans let Obama

blame Bush for everything

Republicans are now scratching their heads in disbelief and wondering why they lost the election. It's clear why. They never responded to President Barack Obama's main attack that "it's George W. Bush's fault, I inherited this mess, and we don't want to go back to the same policies that got us into this mess."

Obama made it sound as though neither he nor the Democrats ever made one mistake. Republicans had plenty of ammuntion to respond, but instead they let him get away with it. What about the Democracts blocking efforts to reform Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, or their their lack of an energy policy playing a major role in our economic woes?

Not responding has lead to Obama's assaults becoming accepted. If you tell a lie enough times, eventually it becomes the truth.


Egg Harbor Township

Margate workers deserve

praise, not criticism

The public employees of Margate have worked to the point of pure exhaustion.

But so many times, the public has negative things to say. The debris wasn't picked up fast enough. There is too much sand on the street. Why isn't City Hall open? There is a small group of residents who are never satisfied. To them I say, no one wants to hear it.

To the Margate police and firefighters who tirelessly worked before, during and after the hurricane, thank you. To the Public Works Department, thank you. To the workers of City Hall, who moved from Washington Avenue to Union Avenue, thank you. To all of the city employees who help make our town what it is, thank you.



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