Sandy brought out

the best in so many

As we attempt to bring normalcy back into our lives, we should all reflect. Sandy devastated our communities. We saw our president and governor join forces to move forward in re-establishing our daily lives. We were alerted as to how to prepare and were fully informed during the storm.

True heroes came to the forefront, working to help in any way possible. Nurses, police officers, firefighters, government officials, churches, emergency management volunteers - all worked endless hours to provide support.

People like Medina Peyton, the principal of Sovereign Avenue School in Atlantic City, had staff contacting her to help their students. What can they do? They called their students, washed their clothes, fed their families. The children looked to them for assurance that their lives would be all right. Stephanie Peterson, Sue Hamilton and Linda Mattner are heroes from the heart.

The Ventnor Educational Community Complex, under the direction of Rob Baker, Linda Lee and Leann Smith, were doing the same thing for their residents. Brigantine schools offered dinners to their community. Jill Benvenuto reached out to Facebook friends to aid the students at the Atlantic County Institute of Technology. These people saw a need and acted.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if, now that the election is over, we all work together to accomplish what needs to be done? The result would be a better world. We can all hope.


Mays Landing

Invite Sandy victims

to stay in A.C. casinos

The Nov. 8 letter, "A.C. casinos missed good PR opportunity," brought up a good point. But the opportunity still exists. There are thousands of people displaced because of Sandy. There are thousands of open hotel rooms. Put those displaced people in those rooms where they will eat, drink, and gamble for weeks. They've got to go somewhere, and they're going to spend money while they're there. Why not have them "Do AC"?

Casino workers will remain employed, the casinos themselves would get some great press and a nice bump to their bottom lines, and those so horribly affected by this storm might be able to manage a little relief from their ordeal. Seems like a win-win to me.



Have schoolchildren

plant more dune grass

I have been respectful about people complaining about dunes obstructing their view. But the Nov. 2 column by Andre Pattantyus, "Meteorologist: Dunes saved Avalon and Stone Harbor," confirmed my feelings.

At the time of the 1962 storm, I was teaching in Avalon. My students and I took some Saturdays to plant dune grass. I'm proud of the small part we played in helping to build up Avalon's dunes. Maybe other area schoolchildren could try such a venture today.


Cape May Court House

Now's the time to fix

America's problems

Congratulations, Mr. President. No one is happier than I at this moment. But now we must get down to business and not waste one day in the next four years. We just barely saved the country from the wolves and sharks. Now let's set about fixing things so that they never again have the opportunity to buy this country.

We need to get the Citizens United decision overturned and eliminate forever the possibility of business interests buying any seat in any government.

Get this country back to work. Coax, negotiate, bully - whatever it takes - to get this Congress moving. Immediately declare another New Deal to put millions back to work. Replace the aging highways and railroads with upgraded, smart highways, and new and safer high-speed rail lines.

Get this country off its addiction to fossil fuels that poison our air and water. Two years of paid national service (optional or compulsory) for all underemployed or unemployed young people not serving in the military would be a great thing. Train them for solar power conversion and build a new domestic grid.

Raise the taxes on those who make more than $250,000 a year and on capital gains. Close the loopholes for the wealthy and the corporations. Cut out the subsidies for the oil companies. Raise the minimum wage, nationally, to a reasonable $10 to $15 dollars an hour. Give a reasonable incentive to businesses to bring jobs back to the United States. And if they won't bring them back, tax their foreign profits.

Restore the Social Security tax break, and raise it another 2 percent, split between employer and employee. Ensure support for our returning veterans and supply aid to the families of those still overseas. And get that bill passed to allow illegal aliens to earn their citizenship, while doing something to stop the river of people entering the country illegally.

We must deal with Iran before it is too late. And, just as we did with Israel, we must provide the Palestinians with a home of their own.

Seize the day. Four years will fly by.



Take Postal Service

back into government

The U.S. Postal Service is an American tradition. Everyone wants to see the mailman coming. He's our neighborhood diplomat. The service should be changed back to the U.S. Post Office Department, with more government affiliation. I was a mailman in the 1960s, when the post office was a government service, not something expected to earn a profit. Send billions to help the post office instead of Libya.



Christie like Giuliani

in wake of Sandy

My deepest respect to Gov. Chris Christie for his aggressive leadership and deep empathy for all who are suffering from the storm. Christie is comparable only to Rudy Giuliani, who was a godsend during 9/11. Thank you, governor.




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