Mooney: Letter wrong

on my time as A.C. chief

The Oct. 17 letter criticizing my candidacy for Galloway Township Council, "Mooney is bad choice for Galloway Twp.," is inaccurate and misleads the electorate.

I was not on Township Council during the time frame referenced. I am a 24-year township resident who can reflect back on missteps by members of both parties during their terms on council.

As police chief in Atlantic City, I experienced interference in the day-to-day operations of the police force by elected officials. In Galloway, the township manager handles overall operations, and the council members must act as a body of the whole and refrain from involvement in personnel matters to prevent a repeat of concerns that were raised.

My litigation doesn't involve Galloway Township. Atlantic City Mayor Lorenzo Langford targeted me for layoff and demotion, then appointed and paid an "acting police chief" despite asserting that a police chief was redundant and unnecessary with a public-safety director in place. That public-safety director was caught double-dipping the pension system and resigned. Don't ignore Gov. Chris Christie's blunt assessment that Langford is "impossible to work with in any significant way."

The letter writer would have you believe that I took an unwarranted payout from Atlantic City. He doesn't tell you I agreed to "cap" my accumulated leave at a lower rate to save the city money, and it was the city's idea to make the payment while I was still employed.

I was forced into retirement. Pension laws now prohibit re-enrollment by retirees holding another position. I don't receive township health benefits and will pay more than $9,300 in 2013 toward health care, plus deductibles and co-pays. I sent the township clerk a letter waiving my 2013 compensation if layoffs are required. My decisions are based upon my oath to the people and not on popularity or individual loyalty.

I have the leadership skills, budget knowledge and crisis management experience to help Galloway Township in these difficult financial times. I volunteered with our youth sports programs, and I am active in my church. I am willing to dedicate my time and effort to ensure that we stabilize our budget and protect the future of Galloway.


Council Member

Galloway Township

Vote for Ron Paul

to fight the 1-percenters

The Nov. 6 election demands a vote of noncooperation with the 1-percenters, who control the Republican Party, the Democratic Party and the mainstream media. No matter what the vote count, the 1-percenters win, and the people lose.

The wasted vote is for Mitt Romney or Barack Obama, because such a vote validates the control of government by the 1- percenters and not by the people. Noncooperation with the 1-percenters demands a write-in vote for Ron Paul, a human being who places a value on human life, freedom and the U.S. Constitution that rises above the 1-percenters and renews hope for a better America.



Letter inappropriate

from American Legion post

Regarding the Oct. 22 letter, "LoBiondo is committed to South Jersey veterans," from the commander of a local chapter of a national veterans organization supporting a candidate for election. Any veterans service organization is required by its charter not to be involved or represent any political candidate or political party.

It is shameful for any veteran to use his title, membership or post to promote any official legislator.

The letter writer's right as a citizen to express his view is always welcome, but not as a representative of a veterans organization. Let's always keep politics out of our veterans' vocabulary.


Mays Landing

LoBiondo ignores people

of Cumberland County

I had to laugh when I read the headline on Rep. Frank LoBiondo's Oct. 24 column, "LoBiondo: People, not party." LoBiondo has voted the party line almost every time, neglecting the people he "represents" in the 2nd Congressional District, which includes Cumberland County.

Cumberland County's unemployment rate of 13.9 percent is the highest in the state, and the county has the highest poverty levels south of Camden.

LoBiondo has been in office more than 18 years, and instead of worrying about the working poor or the middle class, he signed Grover Norquist's no-taxes pledge that even Jeb Bush has refused to sign. Bush thinks the pledge is "bizarre" and not in the best interests of the people of his state, but LoBiondo does not believe that those who are more fortunate should share in the sacrifice.

LoBiondo voted for Paul Ryan's budget, which would have cut funding for repair of roads, airports and bridges. Despite Cumberland County having one of the highest unemployment rates in the country, LoBiondo does not support good-paying jobs that would put our construction people back to work. He also voted for letting U.S. companies that ship American jobs overseas continue to receive government contracts. However, he did help secure $4.68 million for beach replenishment on Absecon Island, including Ventnor, where he owns a home about 850 feet from the beach.

LoBiondo has been in Congress for almost 20 years. He had his chance. Isn't it time to elect a representative who cares, like Democratic candidate Cassandra Shober, rather than a representative who apparently has other interests?



Republican freeholders

failed Atlantic County

Atlantic County Republican freeholders have been major players and a driving force in the much-touted NextGen project by creating and sitting on the executive board of the troubled South Jersey Economic Development District since its inception. They have done little positive to make it happen but squander taxpayer money and give us yet another song and dance.

Over the past five years, Republican Freeholder Chairman James Curcio and then Frank Formica have served on the SJEDD board, where they were charged with guiding the district and overseeing its activity. For years they have gone to meetings, had their lunches and dinners on the dole, and turned a blind eye to its financial problems. They failed in their duties.

Now, when the poop has hit the fan, they try to distance themselves and plant the blame on one of their SJEDD employees, whom they were supposed to guide, oversee and direct.

Today, their Next Gen project, after spending millions of taxpayer dollars, is nothing more than a barren piece of land with a road to nowhere in a pool of red ink. Go see for yourself; it's right down the street from their new airport circle.

New leadership is needed on the Atlantic County freeholder board. We need Colin Bell, Steve Dicht and Erica Polito.


Egg Harbor Township

Romney misleads,

doesn't care about U.S.

Mitt Romney is simply wrong for America. He has consistently misled the American people on just about every issue. He did not care enough about the country to fight for it; instead he chose to go to France, even though he was a strong supporter of the Vietnam war.

He doesn't care enough about this country to keep his money here. He is a man without a plan.



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