Politicians deceive

on global warming

Political leaders in both parties are elected to serve the interests of the people - in good times, in bad times, in uncertain times. They are not elected to serve their own narrow agendas influenced by special interests. Notably, the most essential issue of our time, accelerating climate change, was virtually ignored in the presidential debates. The uncertain, perhaps catastrophic effects on current generations, future generations - indeed, the fate of our species - was not addressed at all.

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Bizarrely, many Americans believe climate change is essentially a hoax, trumped up by the "liberal media," "liberal scientists" and "liberal politicians." For this, we can thank a number of either ignorant or manipulative politicians, right-wing talk-show hosts and their kindred spirits, many of whom are in bed with big oil or big coal, and all those who stand to lose mucho bucks if our nation seriously attempts to wean herself off fossil fuels.

Political leaders are expected to educate, not deceive their constituents. They ought to acquaint the folks they serve with the indisputable evidence, painstakingly gathered by climate scientists, that mankind is responsible for a spike in global warming, not attempt to refute what already has been proven. They ought to express in no uncertain terms the urgency of this matter.

How many Sandys will it take before we develop energy alternatives and build solid barriers to protect our coastlines? If devastating storms are the new norm, we need to act now. Tomorrow is too late.


Galloway Township

After flood, replace

all electrical fixtures

I'm a retired electrician, and we all know electricity and water don't mix. To anyone who had flooding, any electrical device that was immersed or damaged must be replaced due to possible corrosion. Corroded contacts cause heat, and heat causes fires.

This goes for receptacles, outlets, switches, circuit breakers and their enclosures, extension cords, lamps, appliances, fixtures, etc. Many ranges are plugged into a receptacle mounted to the floor - don't forget that one. Additionally, crawl spaces may contain splice boxes - they must also be inspected.

Once salt water hits electrical parts, they begin to corrode. They may work now, but in the future they will almost certainly cause problems that can lead to fires. If you have had water damage, please have a qualified licensed electrician (not a handyman) inspect your home. You have already lost so much to risk losing more by fire.


Mays Landing


ignore Sandy's reality

Sandy showed what can happen to our fragile infrastructure. But in the last several decades, our environmental friends have fought to stop new refineries, new power plants, new power lines. Because of them we now have fuel shortages and power shortages. Their narrow-minded pleas to stop progress are biting all of us in the rear ends.

These people who are against offshore drilling, new refineries and new power plants are hypocrites. They turn on their lights to write legislation to stop progress and drive their oil-fed vehicle to protests. Don't they realize that right now, oil is part of this world we live in? Everything that you eat, touch, drive in and live in has been touched by oil.

The politicians of New Jersey should wake up and realize that offshore drilling will bring those jobs we search for. One oil platform can create hundreds of jobs. The platforms need support vessels that need crews that need food and homes. But the environmental weenies would rather subject the economy and our quality of life to their misguided ideals.

A storm such as Sandy proves that we need to strengthen our infrastructure and build new oil refineries and power plants. We are now in an energy crisis, with low gas supplies and electricity shortages. Let's go forward with the environment in mind but also keeping reality in check. Let's create jobs by drilling and building our infrastructure.


Barnegat Township

Beesleys Point Bridge

seems pretty sturdy

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, we need to look hard at where our tax dollars are being spent.

First, we had an unnecessary fence put up on the Garden State Parkway to keep out terrorists, only to be taken down. The trees along the parkway were taken down, only to be replanted. Yet all along, no funds could be found for the Beesleys Point Bridge, which is a much-needed evacuation route.

When the bridge was closed in 2004, it was supposedly in far too much disrepair to be fixed. But isn't it something that our amusement piers and boardwalks, which are maintained and repaired on a daily basis, couldn't do what the Beesleys Point Bridge just did - make it through Hurricane Irene, the June 30 derecho and now Hurricane Sandy?


Beesleys Point

Ensuring social justice

part of government's job

Regarding the Oct. 20 letter, "Romney administration will grow the economy," which said, "Our government should provide an environment that gives citizens an opportunity to succeed. Government should not be in the business of social justice and trying to guarantee success":

The writer is half right and half wrong. Government should be doing both - giving citizens an opportunity to succeed and ensuring social justice. Government has the right and the power to do the latter, in fact, by virtue of the Constitution, which empowers the federal government to provide for the general welfare of the United States. It is not debatable that elements of the general welfare of our country include social justice for its citizens and efforts by the government to ensure a society that is successful in every respect.



Require unemployed

to assist with cleanup

Everyone in New Jersey who is able to work and is collecting unemployment should have to volunteer with the disaster that Sandy left behind, and if they don't, the government should stop giving them their weekly handout.


Somers Point

Rich should help

during disasters

Rich people should lose their "better than thou" attitude. Let them come to a shelter with their families and volunteer their services during a major crisis like Hurricane Sandy. Saving human lives is worth more than property.



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