The 47 percent must be heard

in the presidential election

The 47 percent must vote and be heard. On Election Day, please get out and vote.

We have Mitt Romney running for president. He does not see us as being worth his efforts as a candidate to campaign for our votes. So be it, but do get out there and vote.

I have my preference and know for whom I am voting. Do you?

I will exercise my duty and my right to help pick a president to lead this great nation. I have long felt that if one does not vote, then he or she should not complain later about who is in office.

There is 47 percent of the country that needs to stand up and be heard this year.

I think our future demands and requires this of us.



U.S. cannot afford

another Obama term

Where will the United States be in 2016 if Barack Obama wins? In 2008, he promised an economy that would work. What do we have? Fewer jobs, lower incomes, higher poverty and skyrocketing costs.

In January 2009, unemployment was 7.8 percent, the median income was $54,983, gas was $1.84 a gallon, and the national debt was $10.6 trillion.

Today, unemployment is 8.1 percent, the median income is $50,964, gas costs $3.75, and the national debt is $16 trillion and counting.

Obama has brought change to Washington, but is this the change we want to have - a government takeover of health care and redistribution of our hard-earned money?

Ronald Reagan once said, "Man is not free unless government is limited." Do we want America's dreams or Obama's dreams?

If re-elected, Obama's tax plan includes severe increases in many taxes. We cannot afford four more years of Obama. The U.S. needs a real economic recovery.



Obama critics blind

to his accomplishments

Regarding the Sept. 20 letter, "What has Obama done to deserve second term?":

To begin with, he has done almost the impossible, considering he has a Republican Congress. The best thing he has done is to make health care affordable and ensure that you can be treated, even if you had a pre-existing illness. He has kept his promise and brought our soldiers home from Iraq.

Mitt Romney has contributed more to unemployment by buying factories, firing the workers, selling the plants at a profit and shipping his money overseas.

Romney wants to privatize Social Security. He wants to turn back the clock to before Franklin Roosevelt, so that his friends would profit. Haven't you had enough of Wall Street?

I could go on, but it appears the letter writer's focus is not about this country or the people. Like so many others hiding behind a veil, he just wants to get rid of Obama at any cost.



Only Romney can solve

our economic problems

In 2008, Barack Obama - Mr. Popular - became our president. He smiled and waved and made lots of speeches. But when confronted by Congress to compromise in the decision-making process, Obama arrogantly pouted and bullied to get his own way. He recklessly and defiantly gave us four years of failed policies. Now he wants to be re-elected. Without shame, he gives himself a grade of "incomplete."

We have a powerful option. We have the opportunity to vote for a thoughtful, serious, experienced businessman with a proven, A-plus executive record. He does not brag about his many accomplishments, but in the next four years he will tackle and overcome our many economic problems. He is Mitt Romney.



Surrogate Curcio

should step down

Regarding the Sept. 25 story, "Curcio pleads guilty to 2nd DWI," about Atlantic County Surrogate Jim Curcio:

The arrogance of this career politician, who refuses to step down after his second drunken-driving conviction, is on par with most of the others. We, the people, are getting tired of this kind of holier-than-thou attitude and stupidity. Curcio finally has a chance to do the right thing for once in his career. Get out of office and off of our taxpaying backs.


Mays Landing

Don't believe politicians

who say economy is better

Is there anyone out there paying attention this election year? Our leaders are doing a great job clouding all the issues. They want us to believe that more jobs are on the way. Don't believe it.

Unemployment is running out for thousands every week, yet they want us to believe that the economy is picking up. Don't believe it. Our state taxes are on the rise, and federal taxes, with the new health care plan in effect, will be increasing. That you can believe.

I moved to Galloway Township and bought my first condo in 2009 for $130,000. My taxes were $1,550 for the year. The following year my taxes were increased to $2,550, yet the value of my condo was reduced due to a large number of foreclosures. The township raised our sewer bill 25 percent with no questions asked.

When it's time to go to the polls and re-elect these politicians, maybe this time the people of this country will vote with their pockets instead of their hearts. Yes, President Barack Obama and his family are nice people, but after four years without progress it might be time for a change.

Our own governor claims that there is a "Jersey comeback," but New Jersey is still on top of the list for foreclosures and unemployment. And people think that after four more years of Obama, Chris Christie is the next logical choice for president. Maybe the people of New Jersey can take care of that problem before it evolves with the next election.


Galloway Township

Israel is meddling

in U.S. elections

I strongly agree with the Sept. 25 letter, "U.S. not obligated to fight for Israel." The writer makes an important point - most nations in the world are frustrated by our unwillingness to stop Israel from expanding its illegal settlements in the West Bank while we send Israel billions every year for defense.

These policies make it impossible to act as an honest broker to resolve the Israeli/

Palestinian standoff that inflames the Muslim world. Israel's influence over the U.S. government through its domestic lobby has become so powerful that it could deny the re-election of any U.S. senator or representative who doesn't toe the Israeli line.

This power extends to presidents, too, as you see Las Vegas casino mogul Sheldon Adelson willing to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to defeat Barack Obama this fall because he's not as willing to take this country into war as Mitt Romney is.

Recently, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu practically ordered Obama to meet with him in New York so he could pressure him into a joint attack against Iran. I find this meddling in our election disgusting. So far Obama has resisted this pressure. If he can hold out until Nov. 6, Netanyahu loses his leverage because Obama can't run again. If Romney wins, we face the prospect of a third war in this region against a country that has never attacked us and that poses no threat to us. Let Israel fight its own wars.


Ocean City

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