Utilities board stalling

on wind, solar projects

Why has the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities stalled the Fishermen's Energy wind project off the coast of Ocean City for three years? Why weren't more projects approved for clean wind and solar? I understand one legitimate reason is farmland preservation, but what about the "brownfields," land that is not suitable for growth due to previous contamination.?

Is it coincidental that South Jersey Gas wants to build a 22-mile pipeline to add to its coffers? We should use B.L. England's connection to the electrical grid for clean energy. And South Jersey Gas should get on board and train its employees in the installation of clean energy.

New Jersey has lost its status as one of the leaders in clean energy. Meanwhile, this proposed pipeline through our nationally protected Pine Barrens, which includes a huge aquifer, is illegal. In time, everything breaks down. A local engineer said that when a pipe ruptures, the aquifer is polluted forever.

The people want wind turbines and solar panels that provide energy without polluting air, water and soil rather than destructive processes such as fracking. We know better. We have other options.


Cape May Court House

Property tax solution:

Throw out incumbents

Average property taxes in New Jersey last year were $7,600. The state needs middle-class wage earners who are not public employees to help stem the growth of this debilitating burden.

Who in their right mind would move to New Jersey for a $60,000 job when $7,600 of it is gone before they set up housekeeping?

What's needed is a structural change to the state's tax system. This will require guts and new legislation. However, it seems the power players in the state, including the governor, both political parties and the New Jersey Education Association, have too much skin in the game as it is currently being played. And we voters are disgruntled onlookers.

Perhaps throwing out all officeholders would be a start. And, of course, that should start with our magical governor.


Somers Point

Obama faces racism

just as Robinson did

I recently saw the movie "42: The Jackie Robinson Story." I found comparisons between Robinson's struggle for respect amid the hatred and bigotry of the 1940s and 1950s and the deliberate, subtle and overt racism that is currently and relentlessly directed at President Barack Obama.

Since Obama has taken office, he has with dignity endured the outrageous lies that come from the "birthers" questioning his proven citizenship. He has heard cries that "He's a Muslim," "He hates white people," and "We want our country back." He has been bombarded with rude, disrespectful comments from conservative radio and Fox News programs including "He's shuckin' and jiving." He has been the victim of deliberate lies and distortions regarding the Affordable Care Act, accusations of weak leadership - when in fact his foreign policy reflects both strength and thoughtful, deliberate actions that have kept us from war - relentless obstruction of legislation to create jobs and rebuild infrastructure and more than 40 separate House votes to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which even the Supreme Court said was law.

It saddens this 70-year-old, white, female, former history teacher to see how little progress has really been made in a hate-filled, ignorant segment of American society.



Defund Obamacare

before it's too late

Isn't it time for our politicians to face the fact that President Barack Obama isn't the messiah?

He fooled the young, which is very easy. He led the Democratic faithful who would vote for the devil if he said he was a Democrat. Of course we can't forget those who are looking for something for nothing. How can anyone beat that system?

His one achievement, if you want to call it that, is the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare. The mention of Obamacare puts fear into the hearts of most levelheaded Americans and business owners. Big and small businesses are not hiring full-time workers anymore. Pretty soon we will be a nation of part-time workers. Individuals will be required to purchase government insurance, run by the Internal Revenue Service - isn't that comforting - or pay a penalty. Anyone who has a job will be providing health care for thousands of illegal immigrants.

I am willing to bet that more than half of our representatives still have not read the entire bill. The last poll showed that 68 percent of Americans don't want Obamacare. Wake up, citizens, and demand that our representatives admit their mistake and defund this before it's too late.


Mays Landing

FEMA won't help

Brigantine homeowner

Regarding the Sept. 13 letter, "Many still suffering, and FEMA's no help":

We too have overpaid for our flood insurance. And now the Federal Emergency Management Agency will do nothing to help us restore our rental property in Brigantine. FEMA considers it our second home, but that is not the case. This is not our summer home. We are renting it out hoping to move back in our retirement. We lived in that house for more than 30 years and relocated due to personal reasons.

But now we need to raise the house so we can obtain flood insurance in the future. People say we should sell. The day we were able to get to our flooded home - three days after the storm - we put up a for-sale sign. We've had no offers, and most of the houses on our block are up for sale.

Government officials make it sound as if everything is wonderful. It is not. FEMA only seems to help people who didn't have insurance and didn't do the right thing.

America helps many foreign countries, but now other Americans need help. The money spent of President Barack Obama's visit to Brigantine after Hurricane Sandy should have been used to help people rebuild.

Our views of our government representatives have changed so much. To us and to others, FEMA now stands for Forgets Every Middle-class American.




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