Treatment of homeless

shows lack of humanity

Regarding the ongoing debate about the Atlantic City Rescue Mission:

Where is the humanity of our politicians? They are more worried about the presence of homeless people in our entertainment zone than in facing the reality that a lot of these citizens are not homeless by choice.

Remember, we closed most of our mental institutions years ago. Remember, we are coming out of a deep recession. Remember, veterans are coming home with mental-health problems. Remember, outside communities sent their homeless to Atlantic City with our politicians' consent. Remember, mothers have children at the mission.

Our officials don't consider what we can do to improve these people's lives. They want to send them out of town where they will be isolated from communities with no transportation, no money and not much hope.

I think we as a society can do better than just worrying about the Tourism District. We gave tax breaks to the casino industry, which promised jobs and then paid employees so poorly that they have to work two jobs to make ends meet. I think some of that money could be used to provide jobs by retraining the homeless. It would provide a better environment for these unfortunate people.


Atlantic City

There are no winners

in this election

This election will go down as America's greatest non-event ever.

We have a president seeking four more years in office promising to "try harder." His idea of family values is bringing families together by having them neck deep in debt by buying the myth that college is necessary for all. When our children graduate they realize there are no jobs to be had as they have been sent to Asia via multiple free trade and world trade agreements. The student loan is a debt that cannot be walked away from. If you were a good parent and co-signed that loan, you are stuck with it.

The president has also made it possible to keep your children on your medical insurance until they are 26. If your child can't find work before then, the next plan will be to extend the age limit to 45. All this will bind a family together in poverty.

Our alternate choice is the GOP's handsome person, touted as a successful businessman, who's health care plan is the model for Obamacare. He has made millions in business, but since when did America become a for-profit business ? To be a success in business today the first thing you do is to have your product manufactured at the lowest cost possible. This means Third World labor.

When the winner is declared, you can be sure it won't be the public.



A.C. Council car claims

are beyond pathetic

Regarding the Sept. 25 story, "Atlantic City Council member to return city car":

Councilman Mo Delgado's comment about his previous 2003 Dodge Durango being too small for him is beyond pathetic. An SUV is more than sufficient to handle the "social work" he claims to do.

Wake up and start serving the people you were elected to represent instead of serving your own agenda.


Galloway Township

Servers must card

underage patrons

I have been waitressing for more than two years in a fine restaurant. Every day I see employees fail to card customers who should be carded. I've also been to many other local places where I have not been carded.

Some servers never card because they feel it is bothersome. Others are more concerned about their tips than about the risks of selling alcohol to underage drinkers.

These servers should realize that their negligence contributes to the problem of underage drinking. They should take the extra seconds to ask for identification.


Mays Landing

Obama, Democrats

divide the nation

Regarding the Oct. 1 letter, "We need change? Not in the presidency":

This is more of "Blame Bush syndrome." The writer even makes it sound as if George W. Bush was a murderer or had people put to death.

For two years, President Barack Obama had a Democratic Congress. Democrats had their way and still made very little progress.

Once Republicans had the majority in the House of Representatives, they sent bills to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and the bills would sit there while the Democratic Senate looked the other way. The Democrats are guilty of obstructionism and party bias.

The writer says, "Get rid of the obstructionist Republicans and the right-wing tea partiers. When this happens, our great country will flourish." Hmm. I would ask if we are better off now than we were four years ago and whether this president is working for all the people. No on both counts. We are more divided than at any time since the 1960s.

Obama has divided this country through class warfare and continues to cater to illegal aliens, welfare recipients and, yes, some of the 47 percent Mitt Romney spoke of.

Remember, "One nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all," not some.



There's still time

for LoBiondo to debate

Somebody should tell Rep. Frank LoBiondo, R-2nd, that it's the voters who decide who is the serious candidate. He doesn't get to make the call.

LoBiondo has no record of any consequence, and he is afraid Cassandra Shober will make that all too apparent in a debate.

LoBiondo is always available for photo ops with veterans and other groups to make it appear he actually does something for them.

Shober will bring energy, ideas and concern to Washington. There's still time to debate, Mr. LoBiondo. If not, step aside.