Rising gas prices

just don't add up

In a little over a week, the price of gasoline in the Wildwood area has risen from $3.64 to $3.85, while news articles talk about how the price of oil is falling.

I am no economic genius, but common sense tells me that there is a problem here. How can retailers possibly justify such an increase when the price of oil is steadily dropping? As much as I dislike government oversight, someone needs to be keeping an eye on this situation.


Wildwood Crest

Voter ID laws

just common sense

Everyone knows you must be a United States citizen to vote. I would like to know why liberal judges toss out laws that require prospective voters to prove that they are citizens.

You must show ID in order to buy a pack of cigarettes or a bottle of beer. You must show ID to take a proctored test in college.

You must show ID for many, many things, but not to vote?

This makes no sense to me. Can anyone explain the reason?



Undisclosed donations

threaten our democracy

Regarding the Sept. 29 letter, "Amend Constitution to undo Citizens United":

I agree. The Citizens United decision allowing unidentified, unlimited campaign funding from corporations is not compatible with our Constitution.

An election, in which we hire our leaders, is the basic, sacred seed of our democracy. Those with deep, undisclosed pockets use their money to establish political relationships that enable them to fill those pockets even more.

It is even more sad that respectable, dedicated candidates need to be sold to voters. What does that say about us? Can't we read, listen and learn about candidates who represent us?

I have always believed in a capitalist society, but giant corporations and special interest groups that don't have to identify themselves can take over the show. Let's open the curtain.


Cape May Point

President lied

about terror attacks

Recent events have produced the biggest lie and the biggest lying president in our history. Statements by Barack Obama and U.N. Secretary Susan Wright indicating that the Sept. 11 attack on our embassy in Cairo and consulate in Libya were isolated street revolts and not terrorist attacks were outright lies.

Obama and his Chicago re-election cabal have been attempting to divide and mislead us by promising "candy" (Obama dollars) to every voting bloc.

The big lie and biggest truth is that, with the $6 trillion in debt he has run up, we can no longer pay the bill. Obama and his socialist programs of expanding government and taking income from the producers and giving it to the parasites in our society will destroy this great country.

The last election was decided by a fewpercentage points and this one may be decided by less. Mitt Romney was wrong to discount 47 percent of the voters. I believe that of the remaining 53 percent, only 25 percent really know and care what the true facts are. The remaining are ill-informed, uneducated or too dumb to care.



I am a Republican -

but I'm voting for Obama

Regarding the Oct. 3 letter, "I'm a Democrat - but I'm voting for GOP":

I am a registered Republican, but I am voting for President Barack Obama.

Yes, Obama made promises during his campaign, as all politicians do, among them the promise to cooperate with Republicans. From the start of his term, he has been met only with an obstructionism intended to make sure that anything he introduced would fail. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said, "The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president."

How soon we lose the faith, how short is the memory. Apparently, the letter writer would sooner accept the promises - or should I say threats - of Mitt Romney and his team, who have been caught bending the truth more than a few times and who would decimate Medicare and Social Security.

It is sad to see the writer saying that he is putting "country before party," something the Republicans have completely forgotten in their quest to satisfy their benefactors, the rich. I hope for the sake of our beloved country he will change his mind and reject the obstructionism of the GOP.


Sea Isle City

Time to face reality -

Obama has failed

It isn't racist to say that President Barack Obama has failed. It is reality.

He's repeating old promises, defending his spending policies and dividing the people while American military personnel of all races - and diplomats - are dying overseas. America is in a bad way. Four more years of the same empty words won't get us out of the woods.

I know many African-Americans had high hopes. I know, because we all did. I have African-Americans in my immediate family, and they wanted what we all wanted: to have him succeed in bringing us together, bringing us jobs and getting our economy going.

But Obama has divided us, his promises have fallen flat, and we are not better off than we were when he took office. His smiling face and repeated promises are wearing thin, and we are sick with worrying about the future for ourselves and our children.

It is not disloyalty to reject a man who has publicly failed us. And we can't expect different results from a man who sticks to the same old story.


Somers Point

People have reasons

to avoid some foods

Regarding the Oct. 1 letter, "Come on, diners, don't make up food 'allergies'":

I understand that working in the food industry may not be the easiest job in the world, but you do need to understand that people may have legitimate medical problems that you aren't aware of.

Broccoli in one person may cause "a little bit of gas," but in someone who suffers from irritable bowel syndrome or Crohn's disease, it can cause severe pain for hours. There are also foods (especially grapefruit) that interact with medications.

Instead of having to explain their entire medical history to a waiter or waitress, a patron may just say they have an allergy to save time and embarrassment.


Egg Harbor Township