Wind farm could never

replace power plant

Regarding the Sept. 26 letter, "Utilities should embrace wind, solar installations":

The writer touted the benefits of his solar installation and recommended converting the B.L. England generating station to a wind farm.

Unfortunately, his opinions seem to be based in unrealistic fantasy. He expects to get a full return on his $11,500 investment and the $6,500 taxpayers chipped in for this folly in five years. Based on the numbers provided, he will be lucky to realize return on investment in the 16th year, and the taxpayers will never see a penny of our investment returned.

If he invested his $18,000 he could also offset his monthly electric bills from the income earned, but after 16 years he would still have his $18,000 principal rather than owning a solar array that needs to be replaced.

As far as B.L. England, the idea that you can offset the more than 400 megawatts of power generated by the plant with a wind farm on a site that is only about 200 acres, including the golf course, is laughable. The best case scenario is one megawatt of power per 40 acres for a total of five megawatts. Where will the additional 395 megawatts come from? And peak power production for wind is when the wind blows. Around here that means the spring and fall, the time of the year when our electricity demand is lowest.

I am all for a clean Earth, but misinformation only complicates real dialogue.



Police brutality charges

are often whitewashed

Regarding the Sept. 29 story, "Family to sue in Atlantic City Police Department beating":

The paramilitary mentality of community police departments is evident in recent incidents. The military concept is "destroy the enemy." The police concept is "serve and protect." Which is winning?

In an incident captured by security cameras, a 20-year-old was beaten by a group of Atlantic City cops. The not so grand finale was the arrival of K-9 Officer Sterling Wheaten and his dog. The victim was lying face down, yet Wheaten turned his dog on him. Police Chief Ernest Jubilee, after seeing the video, said he saw no reason to suspend the officers. Maybe he should be on visual disability.

The victim required more than 200 stitches and may have permanent injuries, including nerve damage and muscle paralysis where the dog bit into his neck. The parallels to police conduct in Ocean City cannot be ignored.

In 2010, a young man in Ocean City was bitten in the groin by a police dog, requiring surgery to reconnect his penis. The victim was charged with assaulting the K-9. After such incidents, police conduct investigations, and the public is assured officers did nothing wrong.

Good officers are discredited by the bad. Instead of role models and the gold standard of behavior in our communities, we are seeing a gangland mentality. Officers of conscience are considered traitors if they stand up for justice. This has to stop, or civil society will be shattered.


Ocean City

NSA gave U.S. emails

to Israeli intelligence

In a shocking example of Israeli influence over the American government, the Guardian newspaper in England has reported on a secret intelligence-sharing agreement with Israel. For four years, the National Security Agency has given its Israeli counterpart intercepted communications likely to contain phone calls and emails of U.S. citizens. This came to light in documents given to the Guardian by Edward Snowden.

The report says the data was not filtered to remove U.S. communications. There is no indication this was cleared by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Court, which supposedly regulates the actions of the NSA. The agreement relies on the honor system, asking the Israelis not to target Americans and to follow U.S. law. Yet our own experts rank Israel as the third most aggressive intelligence service against the U.S.

The Israelis are also supposed to "destroy upon recognition" any communication to or from an official of the U.S. government. This would, of course, take place after they read it. The New York Times reported the NSA tried to wiretap a member of Congress on an overseas trip without the FISA Court's approval. Israel would certainly want to know if any of our congressmen they control weren't doing as they were told.

It is infuriating that the NSA has been caught in lie after lie about its activities involving the privacy of American citizens. But this latest revelation is ignored by most U.S. media. Our representatives are outraged by Snowden's disclosures to the American people but are just fine with the NSA leaking our citizens' communications to a foreign power.

There is one small consolation: Billions of our tax dollars go to the NSA so they can spy on us. But Israel is doing it for free.


Ocean City

Atlantic City street

•ot being cleaned

For more than a year I have been calling officials in Atlantic City regarding the cleaning of our street. I never get a returned call.

City workers came out at one point and put up new signs regarding the cleaning of the street and parking. However, the city never seems to read the signs. It has been well over a month and the street has not been cleaned. Yet our mayor wants to take credit for cleaning the city.

What does it take to get Newton Avenue cleaned? Perhaps a mayor who cares more about the city and less about his pay increases.


Atlantic City

Rich elite control us

with misinformation

Well-financed misinformation travels far. Most people don't know what's really happening because the global elite control what we see, hear and think about. Six giant media corporations control more than 90 percent of the news and entertainment on television in the United States.

Even in areas where Americans have a general agreement - as in background checks for gun shows - we get sold out by the National Rifle Association's influence in government. If you were wishing for bans on assault-style weapons, you are left infuriated with Washington.

Yet we hear how President Barack Obama is a "communist." Well, someone needs to take a look at a communist country. The leaders of such countries don't care about their people. Those countries never had the G.I. Bill, the New Deal, Social Security or Medicare.

But if we keep going in the direction we are headed, where our representatives are on the take, we will become like China. There will be no human rights, no consumer protections, no labor laws and no environmental protections. We will be choking on thick smog and drinking water that is carcinogenic.

Keep standing behind the multinational corporations until you finally realize that the only thing that has meaning for them is profit and that the media and government are easy servants for their deceit.




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