What if we had to live

without 'entitlements'?

What if government didn't provide for you? What if there was no Social Security? Would you be more frugal and save for your future?

What if there was no Medicaid? Would you die in the streets? What would you do for your family?

What if there were no regulations? Would you choose your products and services more carefully? What if there was no health insurance? Could you afford to get sick or hurt? Would you change your lifestyle?

What if you had to rely totally on yourself and your family? Would you survive? Could you develop relationships with those around you who could help? Could you provide for your family? Could you be independent?

What if everything you thought government was supposed to do, it wasn't, and you had to live by your own means and your own labor? Could you do it?

What if this country defaults on its debts? What would happen to entitlements? Are you prepared for that? You should be.


Galloway Township

Romney won't help

working people

If you take the letter R from Romney, and move the M ahead of the O, you get the word that is most admired by Mitt Romney - "money." Romney doesn't want to help working people. All he wants is the prestige of being president.

Romney, Paul Ryan and Rick Santorum are three of the most hypocritical liars I have ever seen. We might as well put Rush Limbaugh in there also. They want power to control the working people. Where do you think all our pay raises have gone? They should all be tried for conspiring against the government.

The Republicans want to buy the government so it can be what they want, not what the people need. Why don't they use their "lobbying" money (bribe money) to pay better wages and to pay for health care? It's all about power and control. The Bible says to help the poor, not hurt them. Let's get rid of all the Republicans and Democrats that are taking this bribe money and vote in some good politicians, if there are any. This country is not for sale.

Romney, Ryan and the Republican Congress are bought and paid for by the Koch brothers. Romney complains about there being no jobs in America, when he and other Republicans are the ones who sent the jobs to China.

And Romney ran to Paris so he didn't have to serve this country while we were at war in Vietnam.


Egg Harbor Township

When did we start

being afraid of trees?

When did we become such a fearful people? Where did we get the idea that it was possible, or even good, to eliminate all risk from our lives? The citizens of Somers Point are waging war on trees, a war motivated by fear.

Since moving into the Fairways section of Somers Point some 15 years ago, we've watched in dismay as our neighbors have destroyed tree after tree, a trend that has only accelerated after recent storms. These old oaks and elms were here, benefiting the environment, long before most of us were born. Among other things, they provide summer shade, slow storm runoff and increase property value. They are not the enemy.

Admittedly, it's been a difficult year living with trees. A number were blown down and caused damage. But why take down healthy trees? The benefits provided by trees far outweigh the risks in living with them. Once down, these trees are not coming back in our lifetime.

Living is risky business. But of all the things to be afraid of in life, trees should be very far down the list. They may grow on private property, but they are a community resource. Let's help preserve this precious resource for those who follow.



Somers Point

Romney's debate style

is flip-flops, bad math

Kathleen Parker's Oct. 9 column "Debate win invigorates Romney campaign," suggests that viewers of the first presidential debate could turn the volume off and see the winner. Body language, not point and counterpoint, wins debates. It's about style.

In his Oct. 14 column, "Obama campaign needs more than a Big Bird counterattack," Charles Krauthammer says Mitt Romney won the first debate "on an avalanche of substance." But half of that substance disagreed with Romney's previous positions. Romney would repeal Obamacare, which looks just like Romneycare, yet keep important pieces. No longer attacking Social Security and Medicare recipients as being on the public dole, he was everything to everyone.

Romney promised to cut tax rates by 20 percent, while he strengthens the military, keeps Medicare and Medicaid the same for everyone on it, improves education, creates 12 million new jobs and does it while reducing the deficit. This will be paid for by cutting unspecified waste and closing unnamed loopholes. His only proposal, getting rid of the Public Broadcasting Service, saves less than the cost of one fighter jet.

There is one obvious saving here. We don't have to teach math in schools anymore. Since a presidential candidate doesn't need to know the difference between addition and subtraction, why should we bother our kids with it?

If Romney won the first debate, it is because more than half of Americans believe in the tooth fairy. Wednesday morning after the election they expect a pile of cash to magically appear under their pillow. Conservatives and liberals should both be wary of a chameleon who changes color based on the audience.



New light bulbs

are ugly, dangerous

Regarding the Oct. 16 Associated Press story, "Easy steps can cut home energy bills":

The story says compact fluorescent light bulbs provide energy savings up to 75 percent and last 10 to 25 times longer than the traditional bulbs that will soon be out of existence because of government control.

Aside from the fact that these are the ugliest bulbs I ever saw, the story fails to mention how dangerous they are if they break and mercury escapes from them and all the extreme steps that have to be taken to discard them safely.

This is just one more example of government telling us what it thinks is best for us.


Long Beach Township