Speaking of lost lives,

what about abortion?

In his 9/11 speech at the Pentagon, President Barack Obama was right on the money when he spoke about lives lost and what the victims may have contributed to our nation's future if they had lived.

But where is the empathy for the millions of unborn babies who are murdered through abortion? Obama is a staunch supporter of a woman's right to end a pregnancy. Where are the unborn child's rights?

Some pro-abortion advocates seek to use abortions for sex selection, which sounds like something that happens in China. Some couples want a boy first and would terminate a pregnancy if the child were a girl. Women's rights? I don't think so. Last year the House failed to pass the Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act to prevent this practice. Obama opposed its passage. He is speaking through two sides of his mouth.



Give Obamacare

a chance to work

Why do people think that a program as complicated as Obamacare should be operating at 100 percent at its inception? Social Security and Medicare took several years to overcome initial obstacles.

I was the regional administrator of the Medicaid program back in 1970, at the beginning of the new service, and we had problems by the truckload. But through trial and error, Medicaid's problems were resolved and it became a viable program.

Like any other adventure, success comes through the process of trial and error, so let's give Obamacare a chance.


Atlantic City

Langford, city workers

have been cooperative

Regarding the Sept. 1 story, "Political discord costing resort":

This story was disingenuous and contradictory. Casino Reinvestment Development Authority officials suggest that Atlantic City's slow pace in hiring two code enforcement officers for the Tourism District is a result of Mayor Lorenzo Langford's deliberate attempt to stonewall this initiative. The story suggests Langford doesn't cooperate because of his aversion to the creation of the Tourism District.

If the mayor were of that mindset, would he not have rebuffed the proposal in the first place? The story says he has voted in favor of almost all CRDA initiatives.

The real question is: What is this supposed political discord costing the city? Are visitors not coming? Is development being stymied? Are events or conventions being cancelled? Absolutely not.

The reverse is true. The Boardwalk looks even better than last year. A national publication recently voted our Boardwalk as one of the top five in the nation. Margaritaville is here and Steel Pier is expanding. This would not have happened without the city's cooperation.

The city was a smash hit with the recent airing of the television show "The Bachelorette." Bass Pro Shop is coming. The Miss America Organization is thrilled to be back. The beach and Boardwalk division of the Public Works Department worked overtime to get things spruced up.

This sounds like a bogus foundation is being laid as a justification for expanding the powers of the CRDA.


Atlantic City

W. Cape May officials

to blame for water loss

West Cape May voters need to consider what purpose is served by Mayor Pam Kaithern's public criticism of Cape May City's measured pace in seeking a resolution of the water loss/overbilling issue. I would argue Kaithern exercised poor judgment. Her comments have added fuel to the fire, endangering chances of a quick and fair resolution.

The truth is that but for the negligence of our commission, West Cape May wouldn't be in this position.

For at least seven years, West Cape May officials could have discovered the water losses. The water-sewer budget was in the red and yet no serious budget analysis was completed. An engineer's report stating that the design of the system posed significant risks of loss was ignored.

Only when Kathy Gallagher of the West Cape May Taxpayers Association discovered, in plain sight, that West Cape May was billing its customers for only half of the water it was buying from Cape May City did the matter come to light. Gallagher looked at the numbers because the commission had just imposed an 82 percent rate increase.

Careful stewardship of our assets is one of the duties we ask of our elected officials. Our commission failed us by allowing these losses to occur. If the commissioners had held themselves accountable for their negligence and publically apologized, I might feel differently. But I have come to the conclusion that West Cape May needs a change.


West Cape May

Letter writer wrong

on leadership, debt

Regarding the Sept. 22 letter, "United States no longer the leader of the world":

I am wondering what the writer thinks America has led the world in? Highest prison population? Check. Highest rate of illegal drug use? Check. Reported rapes? Reported murders? Total crimes? Most porn created? Check.

Defense spending? Check. (Seven times more that any other country.) And the total number of people who think angels are real? Check.

As for Syria, I don't care who makes a country get rid of its chemical weapons as long as our troops don't have to fear them.

As for our debt, half of it has to do with the recession, which cut tax revenues. And guess who holds the record for increasing our debt the quickest. It is President George W. Bush, who increased the debt $1.1 trillion in 100 days.

I would suggest the writer listen to someone other than Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly for his news.



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