Time are tough -

don't cut taxes on rich

Sixty percent of the income of the Forbes 400 comes from capital gains, which are taxed at just 15 percent. But let's not begrudge the creme de la creme of America's economy. Much of their collective wealth was earned through innovation and hard work, never mind that a sizable portion was inherited. However, when presidential candidate Mitt Romney asserts, if elected, he will cut taxes on the wealthy, we must scratch our heads and wonder.

In a nation where more and more wealth accumulates in fewer and fewer hands, while many folks must skip meals to afford necessary medications, hungry kids can't concentrate in school, and more and more folks are losing their homes because they can't find work, shouldn't our political leaders be more inclined to increase the capital gains tax and use that revenue to create jobs and help the needy?

Romney says slash government spending, and tax the rich even less so they'll be more inclined to create more jobs. So how come when the highest marginal tax rate was over 90 percent in the 1950s and early 60s, ordinary Americans proportionately had more good-paying jobs, one wage earner could support a family, and the American Dream was alive and well for a much large share of our population than it is today?

Indeed, those in the Elephant Party would in fact prefer middle-income folks receive less in wages, less Social Security, and pay more for health care by morphing Medicare into Vouchercare, just so they can subsidize the rich and make them even richer. President Barack Obama and Democrats running for Congress refuse to coddle the wealthy, and they will preserve and expand our middle class. They need your votes.


Galloway Township

Shore Cycle Club:

We'll do better next time

Regarding the Oct. 8 letter, "Trespassing cyclists showed no respect":

On behalf of the Shore Cycle Club, we are in total agreement - this was inexcusable. In the future, we will work more closely with our volunteer staff and the local portable-toilet company to ensure proper placement.

The actions of the riders mentioned do not reflect the better judgment of the majority of the more than 170 riders who enjoyed the Belleplain Fall Century cycling event.



Shore Cycle Club

Little Egg Harbor Township

Obama hasn't buried

middle class - yet

Vice President Joe Biden let it slip that the middle class has been "buried for the past four years." Actually, the announcement was premature.

The reality is that the median income of the middle class has decreased by almost 10 percent, the value of their primary residence has decreased by 25 percent, their health-insurance premiums have increased 30 percent, and those who have jobs are paying 100 percent more for the gasoline they need to get to and from those jobs.

The middle class has been sacrificing and paying quite heavily for the first four years of Barack Obama's presidency. As far as the middle class being buried, that is on the agenda for his next four years. The idea is to prove that our capitalist system doesn't work, and in order to do this, the middle class, which is the strength of that system, must be abolished.

We're well on our way. Small business and the entrepreneurial spirit, the heart of the middle class, are being killed off through overregulation and taxes. When these are finally destroyed, the middle class will be buried - and the promise of the fundamental transformation of America will have been delivered.


Ocean City

GOP should demand

that Curcio resign

Regarding the Sept. 25 story, "Curcio pleads guilty to 2nd DWI":

So, Atlantic County Surrogate Jim Curcio pleaded guilty to his second drunken driving charge, but in an act of supreme arrogance he refuses to resign. He claims to have stopped drinking, but he also told the judge at his first drunken driving arrest that this would never happen again.

Are we supposed to ignore his previous disregard for the law and let him go on as if nothing ever happened? I thought judges were supposed to uphold the law, not repeatedly break it and then have the audacity to remain in their jobs.

What is also disturbing is the silence of his Republican buddies. Not one word of condemnation, not one word of disgust after Curcio's second guilty plea. Does this mean the Republican Party of Atlantic County feels it's party first and ethics last? How can the Republicans ask people to vote for them when by their silence they're saying it's OK for one of their own to break the law?

The county surrogate maintains two offices for the convenience of county residents, one in Mays Landing, the other in Atlantic City. Without a driver's license, how can Curcio even do his job? If the Republicans don't demand that Curcio resign, they don't deserve re-election.



Seat belts for pets

aren't stupid, governor

Regarding Gov. Chris Christie's statement about pet seat-belt laws - "I don't want my name anywhere near something that stupid":

My pets are loving members of my family, so protecting them is not stupid. It's called caring. What really is stupid and insulting is how Christie feels he can talk to people the way he does and think it's OK.

I was always taught as a young child to keep your mouth shut if you have nothing nice to say. Christie should try it.


North Wildwood


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