President Obama was

in control of debate

Same old lines. Same old lies. Same old underhanded tactics. "Past four years" is Mitt Romney's battle cry. Conservatives like to talk about the turbulent past four years as if they weren't intrinsically linked to them.

In the final presidential debate, Romney may have put on a good show, but that's about it.

President Barack Obama was in control. He appeared informed, sincere and resolute. He looked like the commander in chief. Romney simply came off as a poser - a guy trying to attack and trip up the president just as House Republicans have been trying to do over the "past four years."

The more Romney harped about "peace" and "strength," the more he sounded like George W. Bush in his first debate with John Kerry in the fall of 2004, when Bush kept repeating how the presidency was "hard work."

Romney's persistent mention of peace seemed forced and brought to mind another Bush moment in the spring of 2002 when the then-president told the American people, "I have no war plans on my desk."

No, they were in the desk drawer, we later learned. And we know who Romney's neocon war-mongering advisors are.


Cape May

Please don't put

a seat belt on my dog

Regarding the Oct. 12 letter, "Seat belts for pets aren't stupid, governor":

I applaud Gov. Chris Christie and wholeheartedly agree with him. Apparently some people want more government control in our lives.

Pretty soon we and our dogs just might be wearing helmets, goggles and protective suits. But no man or beast is entirely safe no matter what preventive measures are imposed.

My dog and I prefer to enjoy the wind in our hair and sun on our faces when we go for our beloved rides.


Somers Point

LoBiondo has proven

dedication to veterans

As a U.S. Navy veteran and an Atlantic City firefighter, I feel driven to shed some light on facts previously overlooked by other letter writers.

When I returned from the Persian Gulf - without my reaching out to him - U.S. Rep. Frank LoBiondo, R-2nd, extended his assistance regarding employment opportunities.

The congressman, when not in Washington, has attended nearly every veterans event in South Jersey.

Finally, my family was invited to spend a day with the congressman in recognition of my son's Eagle Scout honor. During our visit, I learned a lot about a man with a true desire to serve his community. LoBiondo is very well-respected in Washington. When I asked if he was interested in pursuing other positions, his reply was simple and heartfelt. He said, "If I were to take another congressional position, I would often have to neglect my district. I became a congressman to help my community and that is what I enjoy."

In previous letters, individuals have spoken negatively of the congressman's voting record on behalf of veterans. I presume these people are poorly informed. Often, veterans bills must be rewritten and clarified. When such bills are presented again, LoBiondo votes for them.

Don't be swayed by poorly informed opinions. If you need clarification of LoBiondo's voting record, you could simply call his office.


Galloway Township

Apparently it's unsafe

to be a safe driver

Such a terrifying revelation - I have become a dangerous driver. I frequently cause other cars to almost run off the road, or run into me. I constantly have horns blown at me, bright lights flashed at me, and folks of all ages have flipped me "the bird."

You see, I (heavy gasp) generally follow the speed limit.

Whether in my neighborhood, on the Garden State Parkway or the Atlantic City Expressway, my dysfunctional habit of following the rules is going to get me, or someone else, maimed or worse.

Should I continue to follow the rules, or join the "good drivers" as they recklessly speed through our neighborhoods and byways?


Somers Point

Obama deserves

more than one term

I have seen many elections, but this one had me completely undecided. Many people probably feel the same way.

A new president cannot be expected to correct in one term that which took many years to occur. But I have noticed that the economy is starting to improve, slowly but surely.

What made up my mind was recalling the old adage: "Don't change horses in midstream."



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