Constant phone calls

invade our privacy

I just want to mention how much I appreciated the Oct. 15 letter, "Politicians and others - stop calling my house," about the invasion of one's privacy by invading our home with all these nonsense calls.

I, along with the letter writer and no doubt many other people, are on the so-called "Do not call" list. What a joke this is. If it is not a company selling electricity, credit cards or a free trip, it is political rhetoric. It does not matter if you have an unlisted number, or you block your number, they still break through your boundaries. Does anyone know how to stop this?



Catholicism's decline

is due to child sex abuse

Regarding the Oct. 22 article "Fewer Catholics marrying in church ceremonies/

Priests denounce 'consumerist culture' destination weddings":

You know what I denounce? A clergy that raped children. A clergy that when not participating in the rape of children covered it up.

I am so sick of hearing from these Catholic hypocrites, always preaching about how others should live their lives.

A day doesn't go by without a story about the scale of what was going on and the decades it went on. I'm sick of the news stories about why Catholic church weddings are down. I'm sick of the stories of why enrollment in Catholic schools is down. Not once in any of these stories do they even mention the elephant in the room - the sexual exploitation of children by the clergy at a wholesale level.

That is the true reason for the decline of everything Catholic.


North Cape May

College bond act

deserves 'no' vote

The Oct. 22 letter, "Please vote 'no' on college bond act," is correct. The people of New Jersey are mired in state (and federal) debt that is so large it will never be paid. Yes, never. Yet we are being asked to plunge farther into debt in exchange for the vague possibility of some nebulous benefit well in the future.

The Press endorsed this idea, which surprised me, as you are usually evenhanded and sensible. Teachers and students make a school, less so buildings. This is an illogical proposal that deserves a resounding "no."


Egg Harbor Township

Vineland's gain

is Hamilton's loss

Regarding the Oct. 23 story, "Magic Sports, rejected in Hamilton Township, wants to build $200 million complex in Vineland":

This is great news for the citizens of the Vineland area - and a sad reminder to the citizens of Hamilton Township that this project would have been built in our township. It's a $200 million project that would have brought jobs and tax stability to Hamilton Township.

This project would have provided the necessary revenue to save all the services that were provided to our senior citizens instead of forcing them to travel out of our area to receive such services. It would have prevented the unnecessary employee layoffs that have resulted in fewer services and fewer police officers. It would have brought jobs to build the project and then year-round employment to many of our citizens.

This project was chased away by a coalition led by Bruce Strigh, a current candidate for Township Committee. As our Industrial Commission works diligently to find projects that will serve the township, Strigh worked against a good project such as Magic Sports. I hope this project is a huge success, and I can only imagine what could have been in our township.


Mays Landing

GOP has no record

of fiscal responsibility

I have come to admire the Republican Party's ability to convince so many to vote against their own interests while maintaining an undeserved reputation for being the party of fiscal responsibility. Part of this has been the Republicans work to undermine potential sources of fact - the so-called liberal bias of the media - and to create their own sources of blatant, fact-free propaganda.

The Oct. 21 letter, "For fiscal responsibility, vote for Republicans," serves as a sad example.

Fact: Dwight Eisenhower was the last Republican president to preside over a balanced budget. Since then, there were balanced budgets under both Lyndon Johnson and Bill Clinton and budget surpluses under Democratic administrations in 1969, 1998, 1999, 2000, and 2001. Under Republican administrations? Zip. In fact, the last Republican administration turned a $5 trillion surplus into $5 trillion of new debt.

The writer goes on to say that voting for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan is critical to saving state and local budgets and employees of these governments, as well as protecting seniors dependent on Medicare and Social Security - comments truly unbounded by fact and history.

The famous (or infamous) Ryan budget has passed the House of Representatives twice and includes draconian cuts to clean-air protections, Medicare and Medicaid, college aid, veterans benefits and the Child Tax Credit while providing more tax cuts to billionaires and increasing taxes on the poor. It would cut funding for college tuition grants, public education, food and drug safety, science research and public safety as well as food stamps. Proposed increases to defense spending, which were not requested by the military, would further require cuts to school lunches and health care for poor children.

The letter writer seems both sincere and articulate, which is truly alarming given how much objective, nonpartisan evidence exists that runs contrary to his statements.



Revel must attract

the 47-percenters

It seems like the Revel resort in Atlantic City is becoming the Mitt Romney of casinos. It wants to ignore the 47 percent of us who have supported Atlantic City since the early 1980s. With its overpriced rooms, restaurants, bars, nightclubs and spas, Revel has pretty much priced itself out of the market, and the bottom line shows it.

With so many of my tip-dependent neighbors, along with the cream-of-the-crop employees who made the move to Revel, experiencing major pay cuts, isn't it time for Revel to reposition itself in the marketplace for success and get us 47 percenters rolling in the doors?



Maintenance lacking

on Route 52 causeway

I have driven across the new Route 52 causeway many times since it has been opened, and it seems no one has taken the time to cut or even trim the grassy areas. At least get someone out there and weed-whack it from time to time. It really is an eyesore while driving back and forth.

The fishing areas also are deplorable, with trash scattered around and under the bridge. Who's responsibility is it to keep this causeway clean?


Somers Point


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