Little Egg taxpayers

entitled to answers

Residents of Little Egg Harbor Township have a right to know how our tax dollars are being spent. We have a police officer on administrative leave for more than two and a half years while receiving full pay, benefits, health care and raises. And the township politicians refuse to explain why this officer is on leave while we have police officers laid off.

The five senior communities of Little Egg Harbor should run their own candidates for political office and the school board. We have many qualified seniors and others who can do a much better job.


Little Egg Harbor Township

Seat belts for dogs?

Focus on real issues

Regarding the Oct. 1 column, "I need to feel the wind in my fur":

With the average person struggling to make ends meet, shouldn't Assemblywoman Grace Spencer, D-Essex, be using taxpayers' money to address more important issues rather than propose a requirement for dog restraints in cars? This is another example of how out of touch some politicians are with the plight of many. Be aware when you vote.



Don't penalize

honest scrap dealers

I respectfully disagree with the bill to stop metal thefts sponsored by Assemblymen Angel Fuentes and Gilbert Wilson, both D-Camden, and Assemblywoman Celeste Riley, D-Bridgeton.

The state already has a law mandating that we in the scrap business keep records of scrap transactions along with copies of licenses and the signed receipt. We have no problem with this law.

But when you come up with the idea that we should have to send a check for every transaction to customers' homes instead of paying them on the spot, it doesn't make sense. Where do these politicians get these ridiculous ideas? Why are the scrap yards and the honest customers being penalized? The police are always welcome in our yard. We share our records with them and cooperate with whatever they need.

If you passed a law requiring that when you catch people stealing scrap you would confiscate their vehicles, sell them and use the money to pay for the damage the victims incurred, that would be more proactive. I guarantee the thieves will think twice before they steal if they know they will lose their own property.



Legalize prostitution,

pot in Atlantic City

I agree with the new CEO of Resorts Casino Hotel that we need to think outside the box to attract people to visit Atlantic City. One idea would be to designate an area on the Boardwalk as a red light district like they have in Amsterdam.

We should legalize prostitution. It would bring in much-needed revenue, as well as taxes and licensing fees (after all, it is the oldest profession in the world). You would also need to hire people to overlook these establishments for code enforcement and health checkups for the workers.

I also would establish smoking lounges for marijuana use - no takeouts, just in-house consumption with maybe a beer and wine bar and, of course, lots of snacks. These places would also need to pay licensing fees and taxes, and you would also need city workers to overlook these establishments as well.


Galloway Township

Government programs

to help poor aren't free

Regarding the Sept. 28 Lane Filler column, "The poor will always be government's responsibility":

There's no such thing as a free breakfast or free lunch. If you think there is, check your pay stub again. You pay for this with your taxes.

Mitt Romney may have overreached with his comment about the 47 percent who do not pay federal income taxes, but as much as I hate to say it, he's not far off base. You have those who are out of work because they lost their jobs and are trying to get back on their feet, but you have so many others who ride the system.

It is not the government's responsibility to feed the poor - it's our responsibility. Don't blame the government for every little thing. It is not the answer to every problem, even though it does have responsibilities. Have elected officials do what we voted them in to do and pitch in to help with the rest.


Galloway Township


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