LoBiondo disappoints

by refusing to debate

What a disgrace and disappointment that Rep. Frank LoBiondo, R-2nd, refuses to debate Democratic challenger Cassandra Shober.

She most certainly is a serious candidate and a most able one. How dare he look upon her as unworthy to debate him. He has been in office too long and needs to go.


Ocean City

Fight gas prices

by driving less

I am appalled at the current situation of our economy and very concerned with where it is taking us.

First, we should all stop any unnecessary driving. Declining gasoline sales would be a wake-up call to the petroleum industry, as well as their bought-and-paid-for politicians.

Secondly, we should go back to carpooling.

Lastly, remember to vote this November, keeping in mind that President Barack Obama and his administration refused to deal with this problem. Also keep in mind that there are wealthy and corrupt politicians in both political parties, so don't be misled by unions and special-interest groups.

The people are supposed to control our economic market, not special interests, unions and politicians.


Egg Harbor City

Medicare reductions

will hit doctors hard

Regarding the Sept. 15 letter, "Don't let Republicans decimate Medicare":

I have respect for the writer, but her letter contained statements that are completely wrong. I believe she misunderstands the plans of Republican and Democratic candidates.

The Medicare system is not being attacked by Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. They do understand that Medicare costs are unsustainable, and want to offer an optional voucher program to those who would choose to use it. In no case would anyone be required to sign up for it. They have already stated that future Medicare benefits for everyone age 55 and older will not change.

President Barack Obama does want to reduce the cost of Medicare by $716 billion by cutting fees to doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies. Doctors have had their Medicare fees cut in the past. Some of them have decided not to see Medicare patients, and many have difficulty breaking even with what they receive from Medicare now. Further cuts will cause fewer to see Medicare patients, and fewer young doctors will go into general practice.

The writer seems to say that the so-called Medicare savings have already been made, but most of the Affordable Care Act changes do not take place until 2014. The fee cuts to doctors, hospitals, and insurance providers will be drastic, and are not realistic. Whichever political party gains the White House, the costs of adding medical care for 30 million nonpaying people and taking $716 billion from doctors, hospitals, and insurance providers is financially impossible.



U.S. not obligated

to fight for Israel

Regarding Charles Krauthammer's Sept. 16 column, "Obama's incoherent Iran policy fails to deter nuclear program":

Krauthammer, neocon journalist, well-known Zionist and strong promoter of the dreadful Iraq war, continues to insist that we fight Israel's ancient cultural wars. Paraphrasing President Reagan, "There he goes again!" Our country lost more than 4,000 service members needlessly while ridding Israel of its enemy, Saddam Hussein, who was proven to be no direct threat to us.

The prime responsibility of our president is to ensure the safety and welfare of our own people before risking the lives of our military personnel and our money fighting another nation's wars. Israel's ancient differences with its neighbors date back centuries to the Assyrian deportations that happened long before Christianity and Islam even existed. Most Americans have no cultural connection to that past, nor do we have any moral obligation to sacrifice ourselves if war can be avoided.

Commandeered Arabs lands in Israel continue to be expanded and occupied by illegitimate settlements. The United States will continue to be criticized by other nations because we allow this to happen while financially funding Israel. Our original commitment to Israel was made in 1948, long before the 1967 war that created these dreadful settlements.

The nonpolitical good people of Israel are our true family of friends, but they are overruled by the hawkish Likud party, which promotes violence to survive politically.



Atlantic City can't afford

to import the homeless

Regarding the Sept. 20 story, "A.C. Rescue Mission suspends longtime director":

We have all read about other cities paying bus fare to ship their homeless to Atlantic City. This is absolutely wrong and unfairly burdens Atlantic City.

Is this the reason for Bill Southrey's suspension? And is this also the reason for his differences with Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson?

With Atlantic City virtually in the economic dumps, out-of-town homeless do not need a welcome mat. It is difficult enough to provide for the homeless of our area. I must withhold my financial support of the mission until this issue is fairly resolved. We cannot afford to support the problems of other cities.



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