Convert B.L. England

to use natural gas

Regarding the Aug. 29 letter, "Residents must support B.L. England plan":

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I would like to add my support to the conversion of the generating station from coal to natural gas. I am a retired heating contractor. When a non-gas heating unit needed to be replaced and gas was available, just about 100 percent of my customers installed the gas unit. Everybody knows it's a no-brainer to convert. Others can detail all the advantages; my life's work has proven these facts.

South Jersey Gas will want to provide the safest delivery system possible. It's in the utility's best interest. There are millions of miles of existing gas pipes in this country. Why would the pinelands be any more at risk than the rest of the country?

I moved from North Jersey in 2005. North Jersey has a vibrant economy because of all the employers located there. Living here has shown me that there is a big need for jobs. Spending $90 million on a pipeline, followed by B.L. England's ability to produce and sell more electricity, will add many needed jobs. That doesn't even take into account the plant conversion and all the jobs that creates.

I think most of the dissent about the project comes from unrealistic views of energy production from sources that are decades from being viable for power plants. The nation needs electricity. Gas should be used until a superior product exits. I am not against clean energy; I have solar panels on my roof. But I know their limitations.


Mays Landing

Summer concert series

a hit at Gardners Basin

I'd like to thank Atlantic City and the Atlantic City Free Public Library for sponsoring the summer concert series at Gardners Basin.

This was a job well done by all who helped out. It was so beautiful.

But please, let's get some more portable toilets and maybe more space for the tents and umbrellas on the side area. I hope next summer it will move from uptown to a bigger space, maybe out to Albany Avenue and the old Surf Stadium.

Thanks, A.C. Good show, and I look forward to the 2014 shows.


Atlantic City

Thank you, lifeguards,

for a safe summer

As the beach season draws to a close, I would like to thank the lifeguards at 17th Street in Brigantine.

As a frequent beachgoer and grandmother of four, I appreciate the lifeguards' vigilance, dedication and sensitivity to the many situations that arise during their day, particularly on those days when rip currents were present. These men and women were ever mindful of their duty and were responsible for the safety of many adults and children. Their work ethic is commendable.



Zoning board actions

lead to costly lawsuits

Regarding the Sept. 3 editorial, "Giant causeway billboard/How was it OK'd?":

I agree that further investigation should occur concerning the LED sign approved for the Margate Causeway in Egg Harbor Township. I have great empathy for Northfield resident Richard Levitt, who endured great expense and anguish and had to file a lawsuit merely to live nuisance-free in his home.

Two essential questions posed by The Press are spot-on:

Where was the Planning Board's solicitor? Where was the board's engineer?

Citizens should have a way to have questionable planning and zoning board actions investigated without having to file costly lawsuits.

This is essentially where I and many concerned citizens find ourselves in Dennis Township in Cape May County regarding an all-terrain vehicle motocross track operating on a commercial property directly next to many residential homes and directly across from the residential subdivision of Wyncliffe in South Dennis. It is a nuisance and a health hazard.

Our only path forward is a costly, lengthy court battle that will adversely impact township taxpayers.

One can only imagine what went on behind the scenes to contribute to these outrageous decisions.

Citizens should be vigilant as to the actions of local planning and zoning boards to avoid ridiculous lawsuits and costly legal settlements.


South Dennis

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