Long Beach needs

fair sewer billing

Concerning sewer bills in Long Beach Township:

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Why does a property owner who has a small residence with one and a half bathrooms pay the same as one whose property has six bathrooms? I have yet to receive an adequate answer. Township commissioners say, "It's more complicated than you imagine," or "If you can come up with a formula, we'd be happy to listen."

We already have a formula for water billing based on the number of taps, appliances, etc. Why not use the same formula with minor adjustment to delete water used for swimming pools, irrigation systems or outside showers? I'm sure officials know where they are installed.

Why not install individual water meters and use the actual measured water volume to develop the formula. I believe the township was already ordered by the state to install such meters. Why are we procrastinating? There are many new homes and lots of major construction going on to repair damage from Hurricane Sandy. Why not install them all now while the streets are being dug up?

Those are my formula suggestions, and I think the number-crunchers at the township can work out the details. Let's get those meters installed. One way or another, let's get fair sewer billing.


Brant Beach

EHT revaluation

was unfair to many

Regarding the Aug. 21 story, "Egg Harbor Township taxes price mayor out of house":

Every taxpayer is affected by the overtaxation in New Jersey. In this economy, there should be no revaluation to raise taxes to make up for losses from abatements and tax relief for businesses.

Many people, like me, appealed our revaluations before the county Board of Taxation and - after we had paid a fee - our evidence that our home assessments were too high were completely ignored. Our home is in a development, next to identical homes that have a lower valuation. This was completely ignored. We were told we can "just go to Trenton" to the Tax Court, but I'm sure that would be more of the same.

People are being taxed out of New Jersey. There is no way to compensate for increasing utilities and taxes. There are no wage increases. Other states are looking good right now.


Egg Harbor Township

Fire company supporters

deserve some gratitude

Regarding the Aug. 31 story, "Fund drives fail in Egg Harbor Township/Fire chief calls lack of support 'disgusting'":

I won't speak for other residents, but I will tell you that from the era when volunteer firefighters collected donations door to door, to their major intersection boot drops and now to the current mailed collection envelopes, I have always supported the Bargaintown Volunteer Fire Company.

But as a 35-year resident, I resent the lack of thanks to those who do support the fire companies.


Egg Harbor Township

People losing insurance

because of Obamacare

My wife and I recently called a friend who has Type I diabetes and glaucoma.

To our surprise, she told us that her work hours had been cut to 29 hours a week, and she has lost the health insurance she had with the company for more than 20 years.

This is what the Affordable Care Act has done for her.

Why should you care? Because you could become her or it could happen to your parents or other loved ones.

Please call your representatives and let them know you want them to vote to defund Obamacare.



Sept. 11 memorials

should get priority

Once again, the Lower Township School District designated Sept. 11 as back-to-school night. I believe this is a disgrace and feel that the organizers of this event lack respect for the nearly 3,000 Americans who were murdered on this day.

I voiced my complaint last year and was told, "This is the way it has always been done." That holds no weight when compared to the significance of this day in history. Our country took a pledge to never forget what happened, not a pledge to only remember so long as it does not interfere with day-to-day events.

Like other communities, Lower Township holds a sunset vigil ceremony on this day. It would seem only common logic that our school district would coordinate with the township and make an effort to allow families to attend this solemn event.

Our children need to learn respect for the sacrifices of those before us. They need to know what happened on Sept. 11 so that our country can remain vigilant in hopes that we will never have to relive the emotions of this tragic day.


Lower Township

Promoting Christianity

isn't town council's job

Regarding the Sept. 8 letter, "Where is tolerance of Christian traditions?":

The writer suggested that people who don't want to participate in a Christian prayer before Galloway Township meetings can wait outside until it is concluded.

First, the writer should familiarize herself with the First Amendment to the Constitution. Among other things, it prohibits establishment of a state religion. By sponsoring Christian prayers before meetings, the Township Council is essentially proclaiming Christianity to be the official religion of the township. In addition to offending people who practice other faiths or none at all, the council is thus opening itself to lawsuits it cannot win. I do not wish to see my tax dollars wasted defending such lawsuits.

If the members of the Township Council decided to hold a Hindu, Muslim, or Buddhist prayer before the meetings, would the writer respect their choice and quietly wait outside until the prayer was over?

Where is the evidence of intolerance for Christian tradition in America in general or in the township? Does anyone harass Christians for wearing a cross around their necks, putting bumper stickers on their cars or otherwise proclaiming their faith? I don't think so.

But what an increasingly diverse America does want is for Christians to stop imposing their beliefs upon others in the public sphere. Galloway Township is home to two Hindu temples as well as to Muslims, Jews and nonbelievers, and they should not be made to feel unwelcome at public meetings.


Galloway Township

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