Playground for disabled

a victory for inclusion

Since 2003, the South Jersey Field of Dreams in Absecon has been a pioneer in providing children living with physical and developmental disabilities with the opportunity to enjoy America's favorite pastime - baseball.

Tomorrow, on Sept. 28, the South Jersey Field of Dreams will again break new ground - both figuratively and literally - by constructing a playground designed specifically for these children.

Through the support of donors and volunteers, the new structure will provide children living with physical and developmental disabilities the opportunity to enjoy simple pleasures that have long been enjoyed by nondisabled children.

The playground reflects the importance of expanding social inclusion to individuals who are often ignored. By providing children living with physical and developmental disabilities with the same opportunities as their nondisabled peers, the playground will give these children vital emotional and social-learning experiences in a constructive environment.

The construction of the accessible playground at the South Jersey Field of Dreams can change the lives of thousands of children and families throughout New Jersey by providing new opportunities that strengthen communities.


Executive Director



Home-care legislation

would protect elderly

Regarding the Sept. 16 letter, "Home-care bill will limit options for elderly," by Jean Bestafka, CEO of the Home Health Services and Staffing Association of New Jersey:

The Commission on Accreditation for Home Care supports the proposed legislation (S2100), which will provide increased protection for consumers of home-care services.

CAHC is one of four bodies authorized to accredit home health-care providers participating in the New Jersey Medicaid program. However, only about 250 of more than 900 home-care firms statewide are currently accredited. Budgetary constraints have limited the state's ability to regularly inspect private home-health companies. The proposed legislation therefore mandates that all health-service firms providing home care must become accredited. Through this legislation, New Jersey residents will receive the benefit of having an independent nonprofit accrediting body providing oversight of home-care providers, at no additional cost to the taxpayers.

Bestafka seems to misunderstand the purpose of accreditation. Accrediting bodies ensure the use of established best practices, but they are not authorized to investigate suspected fraud or other financial improprieties. We report improprieties we identify to the appropriate authorities, but CAHC is not typically advised of such investigations until they are complete. Whenever charges were sustained by investigating agencies, CAHC immediately terminated the provider's accreditation, the one action that an accrediting body may take. This means that a provider may no longer participate in the delivery of Medicaid services, a substantial penalty.

If S2100/A3133 passes and accreditation becomes a requirement, it would affect all health-care service firms, regardless of the service provided and the payment source. This legislation is an important step forward for the protection of N.J.'s elderly and disabled residents.


Executive Director

Commission on Accreditation

for Home Care

New Providence

Civil-rights victories

created Republicans

Politics have entered the post-racial era. The civil-rights movement did away with the barriers to free and open elections, but something strange has occurred in the formerly segregated states: Voters residing in those states have become fiscal conservatives and joined the Republican Party. Who would have thought?


Egg Harbor Township

U.S. gun culture

keeps killing people

We just keep flying flags at half-staff. We just keep holding memorial services. We just keep being shocked. And none of it helps. We just keep having mass murders.

Maybe, just maybe, we can catch on. The gun culture in the United States is killing people. All you need to be is angry or crazy. Just go out and buy a gun and shoot kids, shoot defense workers, shoot your ex and the rest of the family.

Maybe, just maybe, if we had effective gun control, there wouldn't be so many dead people.



Owners of 2nd homes

deserve Sandy aid, too

Regarding the Sept. 15 article, "Uneven deals in aid for Sandy":

It is unfathomable to me that part-time residents are not qualified to receive state and federal help for Hurricane Sandy devastation because we do not vote here. We pay property tax, sales tax, sewer and water fees, and we spend money on fuel, utilities, food, clothing, cable and other everyday expenses too numerous to mention, but we get no help. Why?

And please tell Ventnor Mayor Mike Bagnell, who said he has received no complaints from owners of second homes, that the reason he didn't get a complaint from me, and I'm sure many others, is because we knew it would fall on deaf ears.



Blame employers

- not Obamacare


Ocean City

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