Cocktail servers

aren't 'eye candy'

I disagree with the Aug. 15 letter, "Casinos are about fun; Borgata made good call," about weight restrictions for the Borgata Babes.

Due to cost-of-living increases, many of us must work until our later years in life. If you are looking for eye candy, try a strip club or gentlemen's club.

As long as you abide by the rules at your work place and perform the duties required, age shouldn't matter.

When you see a performer on stage, do you say "I won't listen to his/her music because they are over 60?" Do you think your drinks taste any different because an older person served you?

Don't be so closed-minded about age. Experience is life's accomplishment. I am a cocktail server in Atlantic City, and the job is extremely physical and mentally stressful.

Before judging us, think about how hard we work and say, "Wow, great job!"


Galloway Township

Obama has no right

to ignore, alter laws

Regarding the Aug. 23 letter, "GOP, not Obama, threatens democracy," about Charles Krauthammer's Aug. 18 column criticizing President Barack Obama's habit of ignoring laws:

The letter writer's argument is that the things the president wants to do are "reasonable" and "humane approaches to correcting flaws" in the law. This is a dangerous philosophy.

The president has sworn to "preserve protect and defend the Constitution of the United States." Nowhere in that Constitution is he given the power to ignore duly enacted laws. Yet he has done so repeatedly.

He has granted many waivers to Obamacare. He has had the head of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission terminate the review process required in the legislation passed by Congress authorizing the licensing for the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste site. (Fortunately, a federal appeals court has ordered the NRC to resume the process.)

He appointed members to the National Labor Relations Board illegally. A court ruled the action illegal and ordered those members removed and any decisions made during their tenure null and void. The NLRB has ignored the court's order.

Other examples are available, but the point is no one has the right to unilaterally alter or ignore laws.

It is baffling to me that anyone would believe that violating the nation's laws is justified because the motive is "reasonable." That's a slippery slope, and were a Republican administration in office and violating laws, I have to believe the gentleman who wrote to complain would be outraged. At least I would hope so. This is not a partisan issue, but rather a simple case of adhering to the law. No one is exempt.



Local teenagers

don't apply for jobs

Regarding the Aug. 18 letter, "Don't import workers when youths need jobs":

I am in a service business in the Wildwoods, and there are large businesses that use almost nothing but imported foreign workers. I see this all the time, and it disturbs me.

But how many local people apply for these jobs? I can tell you the only people who have walked in my door looking for work are foreign students looking for a second job. Not one American. I cannot tell you the last time an American teenager applied for a job at my business. The businesses don't have a choice but to hire foreign students.


Wildwood Crest

Airport change means

more annoying planes

Now that the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey has taken over the Atlantic City International Airport, the people living on the mainland will be experiencing a large number of cargo jets, along with Spirit Airlines planes, flying over homes. Don't believe the Port Authority when officials say there will be just a little bit of freight. This is being done to divert congestion from Newark and La Guardia airports to our communities.

For the safety of the children and for our communities, these jets should be flying over the marshlands away from populated areas. Not only will this devalue properties, it destroys the quality of life. Residents should contact U.S. Rep. Frank LoBiondo, R-2nd, and South Jersey Transportation Authority Executive Director Sam Donelson to have these flight paths changed.



President should serve

one term of six years

The president of the United States should serve for one six-year term.

Now, when the president runs for a second term, he has a distinct advantage - Air Force One, helicopters, a fleet of limousines, a bus, the Marine Corps band. And he controls the press to a certain extent. The cost is enormous.

Campaigning in 50 states, it's hard for me to realize how he can pay attention to the job at hand when flitting all over the country. I think six years is more than enough with all the pressure and world problems.


Cape May Court House

Christie puts himself

ahead of New Jersey

Gov. Chris Christie's theatrics may look good in a YouTube clip, but New Jerseyans are truly suffering under his lack of leadership. New Jersey has high unemployment, ranks poorly in economic growth and is one of the worst-run states in America.

Shared sacrifice? N.J. taxpayers are paying $12 million for an unnecessary special Senate election in October to help keep Democrats away from the polls during the November election.

Taxpayers paid $2 million so Christie could promote himself on the "stronger than the storm" commercials. Taxpayers have paid for every one of his political town-hall meetings and hundreds of thousand of dollars for State Police helicopter rides.

This arrogant self-serving governor is more interested in his own agenda and scoring political points than in serving the people of N.J. It should be interesting to see how quickly he abandons our state once he begins his presidential campaign.


Somers Point


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