Walkers were able to get

too close to contestants

I don't mind paying $20 for our chairs to watch the Miss America parade, but to sit there and have idiots constantly walking up and down the parade route alongside the bands and the vehicles - while the police did nothing - was a disgrace.

When the vehicles stopped, people were going up and having their pictures taken with the contestants. In previous years before the pageant left Atlantic City, I was a volunteer with security, and we had orders not to let anyone near the contestants. Whoever gave the police instructions not to restrain anyone should be walking a beat on Arctic Avenue.


Galloway Township

Politicians now live

on Bizarro World

Apparently many politicians in Washington live on Bizarro World, the reverse Earth of DC comics, where everything is weirdly inverted or opposite of expectations.

This would explain why Republicans, who readily spent obscene sums of money on the military misadventures of George W. Bush, are resisting a limited attack on Syria proposed by President Barack Obama.

And why Obama, the peacenik, who, while a senator, was the voice of reason during 2002 discussions over the Iraq War resolution - and who is a Nobel Peace Prize recipient - thinks the way to end war is to fight more of it. He resembles George Orwell's Big Brother, spouting "Peace through war" propaganda.

On Bizarro World, antiwar activists would be heroes. Those advocating acts of war or violence would be seen as terrorists and quickly jailed. Headstones would record acts of brotherly love and charity, with nary a mention of war honors. Indeed, war would be seen as the ultimate vulgarity, like child pornography on Earth. Maybe it's a shame Bizarro World only exits in comic books.


Mays Landing

Don't use Sandy money

for Seaside fire aid

Regarding the Sept. 17 story, "State to use Sandy money for boardwalk fire cleanup":

Although I sympathize with the victims of the Seaside Heights fire, I know families and businesses that are still trying to recover from Hurricane Sandy. The businesses in Seaside Heights should have fire insurance. The summer season is over and those affected will have all winter to recover from this tragedy.

Among other things, these businesses were given all of the funding they needed to rebuild after Sandy, and they advertised it by campaigning that they are "stronger than the storm" and open for business. They were fully operational. Sandy money should be used for Sandy victims.


Atlantic City

Thanks, fishing club,

for helping food bank

As coordinator of the Ocean City Ecumenical Council Community Food Cupboard, I would like to congratulate members of the Ocean City Fishing Pier Club on achieving their 100th anniversary.

It was quite an honor for the club to include the food cupboard in its anniversary celebration. The club requested food donations from visitors to the three open houses at the 14th Street fishing pier, and it was highly successful. The 412 pounds of food items and the monetary donations we received were truly appreciated.

The items were shelved and distributed to the people who utilize the food cupboard. We are most grateful for the assistance in helping us provide for those in our community who are in need.


Ocean City

Parking at Stockton

keeps getting worse

Another year begins at the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, and the student parking problem is worse then ever.

Stockton has had a parking problem on campus for more than 20 years, and it keeps getting worse. There are not enough parking spaces for students and faculty. The college administration keeps building more and more buildings and taking up more and more of the parking places. The campus police are issuing tickets to students who can't find a parking spot and are looking to find anywhere to park.

Students have to park at the baseball fields on Pomona Road and call to get a shuttle to pick them up.

I know Stockton has had plans for a parking garage for several years. But no garage has been built because it won't bring in new students. I also think the college likes to make money from all the parking tickets being issued. Maybe when they make enough money from tickets they will finally create more parking spaces. How many tickets will it take to finance a new parking facility?



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