Citizens group active

in helping Ventnor

Regarding the Aug. 26 letter, "Recall proponents misguided in Ventnor":

Members of Ventnor Concerned Citizens are everywhere in Ventnor. They are part of volunteer groups throughout the city. Some work at the Ventnor Senior Transportation Service, others worked long hours just after Hurricane Sandy to distribute needed supplies to everyone who came to the community center. People don't have to use saws and hammers and nails to help out. Concerned citizens (in our group as well as others) call elderly neighbors, take them to the doctor or the market, clean streets and pavement of debris and help point out code infringements to the proper department so that Ventnor stays up to code.

WeLoveVentnor Inc. is not involved in any way with the recall petition. This was a nonprofit, nonpartisan group incorporated in 2007 and given approval to act as a public charity. Funds collected were used to make the town look better. The group was dissolved in 2011 (with well over 500 members).

Rather than point fingers and tell people to keep quiet and do their part, the writer should realize that we already are.



Morley remembered

as a great entertainer

Regarding the death of Thomas "Cozy" Morley:

He was a funny, talented, clean-spoken performer.

Each summer in the 1960s, my family and I enjoyed his performance at his club in Wildwood. He was funny, played a wicked banjo, and was great on the clarinet. We were never concerned that we would hear off-color jokes.

Years later, he was gracious enough to pose for a picture with my wife and friends at a show at what is now Golden Nugget Atlantic City.

He was a jewel of a person, never to be matched or replaced.


Mays Landing

Punish teens involved

in Oklahoma killing

Regarding the Aug. 26 letter, "Let's be tougher on juvenile criminals," about the Oklahoma teenagers accused of killing an Australian man:

I totally agree with the letter writer that age has nothing to do with their crime. I am 82 years old, and when we did something wrong we were punished to fit the wrongdoing.

The laws should be changed. What can we expect from these juveniles as they age? Will they become better citizens, or will they become worse because they think they can commit crimes without the proper punishments?


Wildwood Crest

Bike-a-thons pose

a danger on the roads

Attention needs to be paid to the dangers of bike-a-thons on our streets and highways.

The intent of these events is a good one - they are usually sponsored by a charity to raise money. But somebody is going to get hurt.

These bicyclists are supposed to ride single file and obey traffic signals, but they don't. They're oblivious to traffic. Most of the time they bunch up and clog a whole lane. This causes impatient drivers to go around them in the opposite lane, where they face oncoming traffic.

Police are sometimes used to patrol bike routes or to guide the bikes through intersections when they can be at other assignments.

Large groups of bicyclists need to follow the rules of the road or be cited if they don't.


Egg Harbor City

Ventnor evacuees

were kept in the dark

Regarding the Aug. 25 letter, "Bagnell performed well during hurricane":

The letter writer felt fully informed by Ventnor Mayor Mike Bagnell during Hurricane Sandy, but those of us who chose not to ignore Gov. Chris Christie's mandatory order to evacuate were not as fortunate.

Anyone more than 15 miles away was well out of local-radio range. If the writer had left the island, as the majority of Ventnor's law-abiding citizens did, he too would have been uninformed and kept in the dark.

There was absolutely nothing posted on the Ventnor website or anywhere else. Also, our mayor saw fit to keep Ventnor residents from coming back for some time after all other towns were allowed back in to assess their damage. Instead of police blocking our entrance, they should have been handing out written instructions to not drink or bathe in the water until it was deemed safe. We are mature adults, and I'm sure we could have handled it.



Jetty would make

dunes unnecessary

At the Aug. 15 meeting with the Army Corps of Engineers in Margate, I questioned whether the representatives knew of the master jetty at the south end of Brigantine. They answered yes.

Are you aware that the jetty is approximately a mile long? Yes. Are you also aware that not only has it kept dangerous shoals from forming in the Absecon Inlet, it has created a 2,000-to-3,000-foot beach? Yes.

I commented that the large audience would not be in attendance if a similar jetty were to be built at the south end of Longport.

I was tempted to ask another important question, but it would have been argumentive and not within the time limit allowed. If a 2,000-3,000-foot beach were created by a similar master jetty at the south end of Longport, would it still be necessary to build dunes? If they had said yes, they would have been asked why, considering the ocean would be almost a half mile away from most of the Absecon Island shore.

If they had answered no, the large audience would have asked, "Then why the dunes?" I'll leave that question to the readers.



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