America does not have

solution for Middle East

It could be debated whether the crisis in Syria, tragic as it is, could be another plot to suck the United States into more involvement in Middle East conflicts.

Why would Bashar al-Assad challenge our military power? Is he not only evil, but crazy?

History proves that our country does not have a solution to the ongoing violence in that part of the world. The continued unrest in Iraq demonstrates that "nation building" by outside countries does not work. Too much American blood has been spilled and billions of tax dollars spent trying to control the Middle East, with little success.

We can never deny humanitarian help and ongoing peace efforts, but more bombing, destruction and civilian deaths will only fan the flames of unrest and hatred for the U.S.

Let us protect our borders and take care of our own people. The Middle East peoples must learn, on their own, to live together in peace.


Cape May Court House

Lessons of Egypt:

Stay out of Syria

Regarding the civil war in Syria:

Finally, President Barack Obama's indecision makes sense. The major players in Washington are calling for action in Syria, but Obama, true to form, is waiting for the polls to tell him what action will benefit his political career and popularity.

We supported the rebels in Egypt, sent them millions of dollars. Look what happened. We deposed one dictator and put in another. Correction, it was a democratic election, overturned by the military. Now a new group of rebels is trying to take over.

The same scenario is about to take place in Syria. The rebels claim chemical weapons are being used against them. What makes people think the rebel leaders would not use these weapons against their own people just to get the Western world involved? Sending money and arms to another group of rebels, who, by the way, started this attempt to overthrow their government, does not make sense.


Mays Landing

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