We must be prepared

to deal with violence

The blood of the children murdered by a mentally disturbed man in Newtown, Connecticut is on the hands of the anti-gun zealots who demanded we institute "gun-free zones" and thus left these students defenseless. Against all logic, these people insisted that no gun, not even one in the hands of trusted teachers or school officials, should be allowed in our schools. When an intruder breached the school's inadequate security, there was no one prepared to stop the slaughter.

Anti-gun campaigners who belong to organizations such as the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence are the ones ultimately responsible for the deaths of these innocents. It is up to the rest of us to see that our children are protected.

The events in Newtown are obviously unacceptable. However, it is not sufficient to call this a tragedy, engage in the usual rhetoric and then move on to other topics until something like this happens again. The one thing we can be certain of is that incidents like this will continue to happen until we address the underlying causes of the violence.

Those who reflexively point to the availability of guns as the problem are merely pretending to offer a solution. They know that banning guns is simply not possible.

The problem isn't the availability of guns. The real problem is a complete lack of preparedness.

The solution is to immediately station armed personnel at every school throughout our nation, and to allow qualified individuals to carry defensive handguns. The National Rifle Association has offered to provide the necessary training to quickly accomplish this task. The only thing standing ion our way are the gun-control advocates who can offer us no other real world solutions.



N.J. Second Amendment Society


Require gun companies

to improve safety

Regarding the Dec. 25 letter, "Technology could make more secure gun locks ":

We should make gun manufacturers step up with safety devices the way the auto industry was made to step up. No one now would think about buying a car without the proper safety devices, such as air bags or anti-lock brakes. There was resistance at first to these features, but now manufacturers pride themselves on meeting safety standards.

There are smart guns out there, but gun manufacturers have not been forced to upgrade their safety standards. Guns should only be able to be discharged by the registered owners. We should require that old guns be retrofitted with this technology.

Let's change the mentality of the gun industry to embrace gun safety rather than resist it.



Guns in schools

would be tragic

A future envisioned by the National Rifle Association would eventually include this scenario:

In an elementary school somewhere, a lock is picked or keys are stolen. A teacher's safe box or locked drawer is compromised, and we have an armed presence in our school. And you know what? They didn't even to bring the weapon into the school. It was already there.

What are these people, nuts?



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