Regarding the Oct. 21 story, "Revel falling short/Megaresort hasn't yet lived up to initial hype":

Reports about Revel's inability to meet certain expectations are very revealing about something - our attitudes in South Jersey toward new businesses.

I think that any growth in our local economy is an opportunity for success. I wonder if the critics of Revel's ability to generate bigger gambling revenues stop to consider what they are really saying.

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I have been to Revel and found the experience to be fun and pleasurable. I remember watching the speed in which the casino went from a hole in the ground to a high-class resort destination. Like others, I worried that the economic crash would delay or halt its development. Now there is another attraction in Atlantic City, and I have never seen the city so busy with newcomers, even from as far away as Quebec.

If we only criticize Revel, what are we saying to all new businesses that come to our area? Besides, Revel has more to offer than casinos and gambling. For many, I think it offers a new energy to the city much as Borgata did when it opened.

The structure is a beautiful addition to the skyline. Parking is cheap. The restaurants are top-notch. So before we jump on the "Don't Do Revel" bandwagon, we must ask ourselves whether Revel is really taking business away from others.

I worry that the same critics of big government, those who say they want government to get "out of the way" of business, are failing to consider what more Atlantic City and our government can do to provide incentives and an infrastructure that generates real economic growth. I think Revel presents us with an opportunity to improve New Jersey and Atlantic City's ranking for attracting and supporting new business and growth.



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