It was extremely disappointing that the taxpayers of the Greater Egg Harbor Regional High School District voted down the bond referendum that would have paid for much-needed air conditioning at Oakcrest High School and other facility improvements to it and Absegami High School.

What's even worse is how our Board of Education, led by Superintendent Dr. Steven Ciccariello, insulted us by putting improvements at Cedar Creek High School on the referendum.

At a community referendum meeting, I asked him why spending for a school that is barely four years old was included on the referendum. He said the board wanted to make the bond more appealing to Mullica Township and Egg Harbor City residents, since a previous bond referendum had failed.

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So basically he tried to buy votes. Instead, the bond question failed worse this time.

Residents of Hamilton Township voted for the referendum because we are well aware that our high school - built in 1960 - needs upgrades.

The Board of Education let us down, and now what's next? I think Oakcrest should leave the district, and Hamilton Township should become a K-12 district. We must take care of our own children and make sure our high school is taken care of.

It's time to split this huge district and allow taxpaying citizens to have a vote on just our high school. The next vote should be for Oakcrest to leave the district and join Hamilton Township. I'll bet that will pass in all the towns.


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