President Barack Obama's recent trip to Israel may, in theory, have shown him to be a supporter of that country (the degree is open to debate), but his statements and lack of policy and actions on issues in the Middle East are increasingly disturbing, even to Democrats.

When asked about Syria killing thousands of dissenters, he pointed to how he is criticized for not intervening but would also be criticized for intervention as well. He does not seem to realize that he is paid to make tough decisions and not worry about criticism.

If Harry Truman had not decided to use atomic power on Japan and worried about criticism instead, the war may have continued for another two or three years, and thousands more U.S. and allied troops would have been killed, instead of the war ending weeks after the two nuclear bombs were used. Obama needs to read some history, including the decisions Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill had to make to save freedom in the world. These men had the courage to make those decisions, regardless of whether they would be criticized.

The president said the killings of women and children in Syria were "heartbreaking" to him, but he did not propose a "no fly" zone or even warn the Syrian leaders of U.S. intervention if war crimes and crimes against humanity did not stop. As a result, the United States appears weak and lacking in resolve.

More leaders of both parties and the Congress need to step up on Syrian policy and compel this president to begin to lead on foreign-policy matters where U.S. interests are at stake, including the credibility of U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East.


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