I read recently that the community of Point Pleasant has seen fit to obtain the necessary permits to do additional dredging to make channels easier for boats and also help in flood tides.

Perhaps Ocean City should take some advice from Point Pleasant and also Tuckerton. Both communities have managed to arrange for dredging to improve waterways. For some reason, Ocean City is not capable of getting its act together; for more than two years, it has not been able to have any dredging work done on the main channel or the lagoons. At low tide, the channel is a disgrace, and some of the lagoons are just mud.

One has to wonder why the state of New Jersey can be so generous to Tuckerton and Point Pleasant and be so difficult with Ocean City's request to perform the necessary dredging.

We are approaching another season, and for boaters it will be one of only being able to go in and out of the channel and the lagoons at high tide. Not a good position for Ocean City, a resort community.


Ocean City

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