Regarding the June 21 story, "More marine police taking to the waters off of South Jersey":

I am happy to see the presence of the Ocean City police marine unit on the water, and I agree that it is a good deterrent. I like what I read about these marine officers marking debris in the water and educating boaters about safety and courtesy.

But I'm not sure I can agree with the use of a Department of Homeland Security grant totaling nearly $124,000 and a $31,000 contribution from the city for a city-owned and city-operated marine police boat.

Along with the boat comes recurring costs for training, staffing and maintenance, which you don't hear about. The money could have been better invested in existing agencies that already do this and letting the O.C. police stick to the streets in their city.

I also noticed one day recently that the Ocean City marine unit was leaving the waters behind Ocean City and heading out of sight under the bridges toward the Beesleys Point area. Where does the unit's jurisdiction end? I would think it's the taxable boundaries of the city of Ocean City. Do the Ocean City taxpayers really need to be paying for fuel for these officers to travel that far outside of the Ocean City area?



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