Once again, the scenic natural beauty of southern New Jersey is threatened.

Previously, it was cutting down trees and building an unnecessary "terrorist" fence on the Garden State Parkway. We got rid of the offensive electronic billboard on the causeway leading to the Margate Bridge. (Thank you, Richard and Deborah Levitt.) Unfortunately, we still have the obtrusive "billboard boat" in Ocean City. (I don't patronize its advertisers.) Now comes the proposal to blight our wonderful ocean vistas with windmills.

On a recent trip to Pittsburgh, I was disheartened to discover that the majesty of the Allegheny Mountains is now permanently scarred with dozens of windmills.

The Press has published a variety of pro-wind farm stories and editorials. An Oct. 1 article was titled "Poll finds most in N.J. favor building wind farms at sea." Really?

Incredibly, an organization whose charter is to protect nature's beauty, the Sierra Club of New Jersey, placed a full-page pro-wind energy advertisement in The Press on Sept. 30, lobbying for the construction of an offshore wind farm. The misguided ad even had the audacity to include an image of what these eyesores will look like when placed in the ocean.

All of this makes one wonder who is really behind the passage of New Jersey's Offshore Wind Economic Development Act and the push for wind energy. Is it really well-intended green-energy proponents, or is it profit-motivated companies in the wind energy industry?

I'm all for pursuing alternatives to fossil fuel when they make economic sense. But other factors, such as the visual pollution that degrades our quality of life in southern New Jersey and the negative impact on our tourism economy need to be considered as well. Vacationers come to our precious Jersey shore to relax on the beach and stare at breathtaking sunrises on the ocean's horizon, not at constantly churning, ugly windmills. Where is Don Quixote when you need him?



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