Regarding the Feb. 10 article, "Will Internet gambling be hit or miss for Atlantic City economy?":

Online gambling will bring a vast new pool of potential customers to Atlantic City.

Online operators overseas frequently run promotions that allow online players to win seats in bigger, live tournaments at a casino.

This not only draws the player but also their friends and family to the brick-and-mortar casinos. Those friends and family members would then shop, eat and go to the beach and Boardwalk, etc.

I would think such cross-marketing would be a no-brainer for the operators who will be licensed in New Jersey.

Additionally, as an avid online poker player, I know from my own experience and that of my fellow players that playing online helped me practice and hone my skills so I felt less intimidated and more motivated to visit casinos to play in live games.

I love playing poker online, but nothing can beat the feeling of playing in the excitement of a casino.

I am certain this rings true for millions of others, which makes me certain Atlantic City will thrive when online gaming begins in New Jersey.


Brick Township