Driving a school bus for 19 years, I have learned that gentle reminders when needed regarding bus-stop protocol simply do not work. In some cases, dealing with a parent is worse than dealing with their children.

At the beginning of each school year, parents receive their child's bus schedule stating the time and location of pickups. It clearly states that passengers are to report to the assigned bus stop 10 minutes prior to the scheduled pickup. As time passes, everyone should be accustomed to the routine and become punctual.

Realistically, everyone has a bad morning now and then and runs a little late. But now that colder weather is here, it presents a new set of problems.

When the bus arrives, many children are still waiting in warm cars or in their homes watching cartoons. In most cases, folks can plainly see the bus coming from a country mile away. Please start to get your children out of the vehicles and homes so they can be assembled in an orderly and timely fashion and ready to board the bus safely when it stops. Bus drivers should not have to wait and hold up traffic for everyone to come out of their comfort zones to board the bus.

Also, usually the same folks pull up late to the bus stop every day, allowing their children to saunter over to the waiting bus in a leisurely pace. The world should not have to stop for you. Please get up a few minutes earlier so that you can be on time.

Let's instill some responsibility, good manners and punctuality into our youth to help prepare them for the real world.

It is not fair to the children who are at the bus stop on time and waiting in the elements for a prompt boarding of the school bus for them to be held up by people concerned only about their own well-being.

Unfortunately, the folks that this letter is directed to probably won't even read it or are too arrogant to grasp the concept.


Mays Landing

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