Parkway exit project a waste of money

New Jersey Turnpike Authority plans call for a full north and south exit at Garden State Parkway milepost 41 in Galloway Township, the elimination of access to the rest area from Jimmie Leeds Road and construction of a new State Police barracks.

Regarding the Aug. 28 story, "Galloway interchange plan runs into criticism":

At the meeting, the New Jersey Turnpike Authority showed its "openness" to the public's concerns. The authority had pretty little graphs and projected photos to show what they are doing, whether we like it or not.

It makes no sense to me to change what is working. Closing the access to the rest stop is a waste of money. The exit is already there and the rest area has recently been updated with clear signs.

Gov. Chris Christie has come at us emphasizing the need to be responsible and stop spending money we do not have, from one side of his mouth. The Turnpike Authority is proposing to spend $50 million for unnecessary changes in Galloway Township. Yet, when asked about this during his recent visit to the township, the governor knew nothing about it from the other side of his mouth. Obviously this was a campaign stop, as he didn't even vet our newspaper the day before his appearance in Galloway. He's really concerned about South Jersey and Galloway?

Citizens of New Jersey, if you agree that the scheduled construction project to close access to the Exit 41 rest stop is irresponsible spending, do something. Cut this out, sign it and mail it to Trenton. Call your representatives and complain. Petition your neighbors. We don't have to accept the status quo. I'm tired of being a joke, aren't you?


Galloway Township

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