Regarding the Sept. 26 story, "Fighting stereotypes/Tough reputation dogs pits":

I am the fortunate owner of two rescue pit bulls from my local Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. I have had rescue dogs all my life. I adopted a pit bull puppy, Lacey, almost 10 years ago. I knew nothing about pit bulls, so I did some research. Thankfully, all that I read was true.

The puppy joined my other two rescue dogs. They were older, and really not happy with this new intruder because she was so active. So after about a year, I got another pit bull closer to her age, Pete. I could tell he was shy and was not use to being treated well. He soon came around and is the sweetest guy ever.

I am a pit bull advocate. Everyone in my neighborhood knows the "crazy pit bull lady." They are a terrific breed and I would never adopt another breed. When a dog is aggressive and not socialized, it is usually because the owners have made it that way.

I have had mutts that were aggressive. Don't blame the breed. Take the time and do some research and you will be pleasantly surprised to see what a gentle and loving breed they can be.

Years ago, pit bulls were referred to as "nanny dogs" because they were so wonderful with children. If you are looking to rescue a smart, beautiful and loving breed, make it a pittie, and they will bring you so much joy and unconditional love. You will be so glad you did.