Regarding the May 3 letter, "How can Obama praise Planned Parenthood?":

First, I'll start where I agree with the writer. Yes, it is in poor taste to "thank God" for an abortion. But I am not writing to add fuel to the pro-life vs. pro-choice debate. I write instead to shed much-needed light on a different taboo topic that the letter writer's own words bring to the surface: Black people having babies at an alarming rate.

Like the writer, I too am black - well, half black, and by society's standards that might as well mean all black. The ax I have to grind is the economic and political impact of so many minorities having babies that they cannot afford, babies that are then supported 100 percent by tax dollars.

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I make a paltry wage and cannot afford an apartment. Real estate agents won't touch me when I disclose my $10.50-an-hour, 40-hours-a-week paycheck.

Yet these teen minority mothers can obtain multibedroom apartments with no job. Their rent is money in the bank as far as landlords are concerned. Government rent checks don't bounce - at least not yet.

I may not "thank God" for Planned Parenthood. But I'm aware of the money pit that foster care and child welfare have become.

President Barack Obama is not always right. But I'll take a poorly phrased statement over an endless money pit like child welfare any day of the week.


Egg Harbor Township

It is wrong to support

Planned Parenthood

Regarding the May 3 letter, "How can Obama praise Planned Parenthood?":

I am a white senior citizen and agree with the letter writer completely. I feel so strongly about this matter that last year I cancelled my supplemental insurance with United Health Care when I found out it funds Planned Parenthood, as I refuse to have any dealings with anyone who supports this baby-killing business.

I do not think President Barack Obama is stupid (at least not as stupid as the people who support him) and can't help wondering more and more if he is deliberately trying to destroy our country. However, I put my faith completely in God as he will always be stronger than the devil.


Egg Harbor Township

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