Regarding the Oct. 1 article, "A.C. police, officials face layoff reality":

What a sad state of affairs in Atlantic City regarding the layoffs in the Police and Fire departments.

But in reading the article and how everyone thought they should negotiate in good faith to avoid this situation, I noticed this sentence: "The unions have argued that opening the contracts could lead to a substantial loss in benefits they negotiated in 2007."

In today's world, with everyone trying to save jobs and many townships getting givebacks because there simply is not enough money, I find it unbelievable that the Atlantic City police and fire unions would not agree to givebacks to save the jobs.

As I see it, they decided that standing on principle and allowing their union members to lose jobs was better than cooperating with givebacks and saving jobs.

Numerous unions from the biggest to the smallest have worked out some givebacks to save jobs. What a joke. The membership should toss these guys in the trash.