Regarding the Dec. 6 letter, "Boycott Israel over settlements":

Boycotting Israeli products might be a little difficult, but for those of you who think this is a good idea, allow me to point out some things you might want to avoid using or buying: your flash drive, that Intel chip in your computer, the cellphone camera, instant messaging, the platform that Google is built on, a drug that treats multiple sclerosis, the smallest camera in the world (which is used in medical operating procedures), a multitude of defensive military systems including the Iron Dome, numerous agricultural innovations including perfecting drip irrigation, and that is just to name a few.

So if you decide to boycott Israeli products, leave your cellphone at home, because that technology also was developed by Israel.


Egg Harbor City

Israel generous

to other nations

Regarding the Dec. 6 letter, "Boycott Israel over settlements":

One of our favorite Israel-bashing letter writers has just recommended a novel approach to correcting that obstreperous, annoying country - boycott. What a novel idea.

I am sure that numerous countries would be willing to punish Israel, including, to mention a partial list, those that have benefited from Israel's compassionate aid programs in natural and man-made disasters. These include Kenya, Haiti, Sri Lanka, the Phillipines and Myanmar. And immigrants from Africa and Russia, and who knows where else, should refuse to emigrate to that nasty Israel, which absorbs far more than its share of people from other countries. Gazans should certainly refuse Israel's free medical care for procedures and care of difficult conditions that can't be provided anywhere else in the region.

And I am sure that, as a matter of adherence to his strong beliefs, the writer will also avoid and refuse all devices innovated by Israel (lest it receive royalties) on such things as flight-security methods, medication-administering technology to eliminate drug errors, the "pillcam" to diagnose gastrointestinal diseases, the heart pump, the cellphone, the Windows operating system, Pentium computer chips, voice mail and solar power technologies.

While we are comparing Israel to former apartheid societies, maybe the letter writer could check out a comparable list of services to humanity provided by South Africa. That task might require the use of a computer at least partially reliant on Israeli inventions, but it could still be done by sifting through old yellowed newspapers. Boycotters everywhere, unite, and enjoy.


Egg Harbor Township

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