So, here we go. Big government once again rears its ugly head. The Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee passed 23 anti-gun bills recently, over the vehement protests of gun owners.

These laws would effectively turn tens of thousands of law-abiding citizens into criminals. As the failed policies of the government create more and more desperation, home invasions, already on the increase, will become more commonplace. Budget deficits will cause law enforcement to cut back on services as they have in Camden.

All I hear about is restricting law-abiding citizens from choosing a firearm adequate to defend their homes against criminals - who have no such restriction. Why not restrict the criminals by making it a federal offense to commit a crime with a firearm, with long mandatory prison terms?

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New Jersey has some of the strictest gun laws already. What part of "the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed" do our representatives not understand? This is the Second Amendment of our Constitution, which all elected officials take an oath to uphold. If they don't honor that oath, we've got to vote them out.

Remember, they work for us. Don't be calm and slave on. Let them know what time it is.


Little Egg Harbor Township

Hurting law-abiding citizens

won't solve the problem

As a veteran who served his country honorably, as a concerned American, as an individual who wants to get involved in his community and as a legitimate gun owner, I ask that you don't punish me. I don't commit crimes.

We must understand that current or any future gun laws only affect legitimate gun owners. Street gangs, punks and everyday criminals do not abide by any laws, including gun laws. That is why they are criminals and law breakers.

Taking guns away from legitimate gun owners would not have prevented recent shootings. Taking guns from law-abiding citizens only makes it easier for criminals to commit crimes. States that have the most restrictive gun laws have the highest crime rates.

Instead of new laws, let us strictly enforce those already on the books. Let's have minimum sentences for anyone committing a crime with a gun.

And yes, as a start, at home, let's teach our children well. Let's teach them respect, better choices, morality, patriotism and manners.


Mays Landing

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