Throwing dirt leaves

voters in the dark

In my opinion, this race is like two little boys fighting over the wagon. One throws dirt into the other one's face. Whom do you believe? Or do you believe neither one of them?

I'm sick and tired of the bashing. Why don't they show proof as to what was done instead of just talking about what they did or didn't do?

Years ago politicians used to run on their past performance. All they do now is slash the opponent. Are they both thieves? Are they both unworthy? Who knows?


Egg Harbor Township

There's too much money

behind these attack ads

Early in the campaign, when Sen. Jim Whelan was leading in the opinion polls, Assemblyman Vince Polistina resorted to gutter tactics and threw everything at Whelan, including the kitchen sink. Whelan had no option but to hit back in like manner. Had he not done so he would have been perceived as weak.

Major reform is needed to curtail the amount of money that flows to political parties for the purpose of engaging in attack ads. The $300-a-plate dinner to dine with Gov. Chris Christie is an example of events that provide funding for attack ads and character assassination.


Egg Harbor Township

Politicians' benefits

are fair game for ads

I do not find the tone of this year's 2nd District campaign any different than any other year. And while everyone says they do not like negative campaigning, they do respond to it.

The 2005 campaign in which Jim Whelan used Kirk Conover's personal financial problems against him was not negative or personal? The only reason Whelan waltzed into the Senate seat without a knock-down battle in 2007 is because, with James "Sonny" McCullough, it would have been the pot calling the kettle black. It came down to name recognition.

Vincent Polistina is merely shining a light on behavior that goes on in both parties with convenient political appointments just prior to retirement and made-up jobs for the right people. I wonder if Whelan would like the attorney general to investigate his job in Ventnor, which he needed to complete his pension credits. Not that The Press really took a look at that job, since Whelan is your guy.



Neither candidate

will get my vote

I am very disappointed in both of the candidates. They have not addressed the issues of what's going on in the state and in their districts. All they do is slam each other. I will not vote for either one. Neither one deserves my vote.

I'm very, very disappointed in them, and I'm so afraid this is the future of political campaigning. How sad that is.


Mays Landing

Television ads insult

our entire community

I have known Jim Whelan for over 35 years and I know him to be a man of integrity. The ads that have been showing nonstop on TV are an insult not only to him but to our entire community.

Whelan has been a great state senator, working constantly for our region and citizens, as did Sen. William Gormley before him. Vince Polistina's record has been vote after vote strictly along Republican Party lines. Voting for Polistina is a vote for our self-promoting, bullying Gov. Chris Christie. That choice is clear.



Bashing an opponent

accomplishes nothing

We are disgusted with the negative tone of most political ads. Bashing your opponent accomplishes nothing positive.

The people want to see specific action plans, not a lot of useless rhetoric and name-calling. Jim Whelan and Vincent Polistina should take a lesson from County Clerk Ed McGettigan, who has shown us what he has accomplished and how he plans to continue working for the people of Atlantic County if re-elected. He has our vote.



Egg Harbor Township

Use mute button

on campaign ads

I have heard that negative campaign ads resonate more with voters than other types of ads. For me, the exact opposite is true.

In the race between Vincent Polistina and Jim Whelan, once I heard the words, "He's for them, not for us," in TV ads, I knew I could never support a candidate who views the world as "them" versus "us."

In contrast, I found the article in The Press describing the conversations between the editorial board and the candidates to be both enlightening and informative. I am never so thankful to have a mute button on the TV remote as during election season. Would that aspiring politicians would take the high road; the public deserves it.



Demeaning, sleazy ads

hurt voter turnout

I cannot express how much I detest these sleazy campaign adds.

They appeal only to the lowest common denominator. The adds are demeaning to all of us.

If the goal is to keep all but the most zealous of voters away from the polls, then they are succeeding.

They are a turnoff to the public, and a contributing factor to the low turnout in American elections.

By comparison, this week's elections in Tunisia saw a 90 percent turnout.

More important, many of the television and radio adds are being produced and funded on behalf of local candidates by a political action group hundreds of miles away in Arlington, Va., which has no knowledge of or interest in South Jersey other than the interests of their own national political party.



Electorate shares blame

for negative campaign

The approach to political advertising taken by the Jim Whelan and Vincent Polistina campaigns is absolutely appalling. We have learned nothing regarding the very important issues that face us or the candidates' plans to address them, and in this regard, the enormous sums of money invested by contributors (who eventually will want something in return) is wasted.

Each side should be ashamed of their tactics.

But, I fear, we, the electorate, bear a large part of the blame for such campaigns. Why? Because, apparently, the strategy works.


Mays Landing

In politics, two wrongs

don't make a campaign

Repulsive. That is the word that best describes the current state Senate election. It doesn't matter who your opponent is, or what he or she did in the past. What matters are the issues at hand. But obviously Senator Jim Whelan and Assemblyman Vincent Polistina can't seem to get that straight.

I guess their mothers never taught them that two wrongs really don't make a right. We want a senator who can help lead our magnificent country to glory, not one who engages in childish bickering. I am not old enough to vote, but even if I could, I would still abstain from supporting either of these mud-slinging candidates.


Egg Harbor Township

What does Polistina

actually stand for?

I am against Vincent Polistina's campaign because it's only anti-Whelan. I don't know what Polistina stands for besides being against Jim Whelan.



Mud-slinging tactics

make voters tune out

If I told you exactly how I feel about the political ads that have been running on both TV and radio, you would not be able to put my response in print. I am sick and tired of the political mud-slinging between the candidates.

I want to know what you are going to do and how you can benefit this district. They are all guilty of it. Stop it already and tell us about you can do. I think I am going to switch to XM radio until the campaign is over.



Whelan deserves praise

for his years as a teacher

I think Vincent Polistina should be ashamed of himself. Jim Whelan has taught within the Atlantic City school system for more than 30 years, in the black area, and he was a very, very nice and respectful teacher. He did a lot for the black community.


Mays Landing

Voters want action,

•ot a war of words

Both candidates must have specific legislative bills that they have proposed or endorsed. They should go on the radio and have town hall meetings to present what actions they have taken to fulfill their promises. Then go door to door for new suggestions and a report on how effectively you are performing.


Mays Landing

Look in the mirror;

imagine what we see

So far the campaign has been childish, bizarre and useless. Negative mailings have been many and are not appreciated. Informed voters already know the negative information about the candidates. I want to know specific information about how they will address and change for the better all the problems facing the people they supposedly represent.

Three decades of mismanagement and decline must end. All of our politicians must start looking out for us: the people, the voters, the root of the state and national tree. Stop killing the root or there will be no tree.

Stop the greed. Stop pandering to special interests.

Let's get back to the basic founding principals espoused in our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Politician, look in the mirror. What do you see? What do you think we, the people, see?


Egg Harbor Township

What if candidates

told us their plans?

We receive the glossy campaign ads in the mail just about daily from Jim Whelan and Vince Polistina.

Here are two incumbent politicians who wish to serve again. They don't really spend a great deal of time listing their accomplishments so far. They don't really spend any time listing their big ideas to help people in their district with the economy, jobs, cutbacks, poverty, foreclosures, etc. They spend a great deal of time in their ads telling us how despicable the other is.

Oh, they also tell how they will lower taxes (but not specifically) or how the other will continue to increase them (but not specifically).

I wonder what most people's reaction at the polls would be if candidates would just come out and say this is what I want to accomplish, this is how it should be done, and I am not going to smear my opponent regardless of what negative course he or she takes.


Somers Pointr


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