Jury let Zimmerman

get away with murder

The not-guilty verdict for George Zimmerman exemplifies our U.S. system of failed justice and the insanity of Florida's "stand your ground" law.

The facts are simple: Zimmerman disregarded police instructions to walk away, and instead stalked, shot and killed an innocent, unarmed 17-year-old African American. This was murder, plain and simple.

This verdict also exposed the reality of racial profiling and racial bias in America. I use the term racial bias and not racism intentionally to explain the preponderance of racial profiling all over the country and the overwhelming number of convictions, incarcerations and deaths of African-American youths.

This event also demonstrates the evil of unrestricted gun violence in our gun-crazy society. It is a sad day in America when a court justifies murder and allows a murderer to walk free.


Mays Landing

Allow Zimmerman

to have a life now

George Zimmerman was pronounced not guilty by his peers and should be able to have a life. And, yes - he should be able to carry a gun for self-defense, as his life is changed forever. He'll never know who is lurking to take his life.



Verdict turns back clock

on civil rights in U.S.

Is this 1955 in Mississippi, when Emmett Till was murdered for whistling at a white female?

We all want to think we have come a long way, but we have not. If George Zimmerman had followed instructions and stayed in his vehicle and not followed Trayvon Martin, would we be talking about this now?

If Zimmerman had followed instructions, he would not have taken Martin's life. If Zimmerman had followed instructions, we would not even know his name.

This is 2013, and all those who died fighting for civil rights apparently died in vain. We asked for justice - not just for Zimmerman, but for Trayvon also.

Yes, this is 1955 all over again. God help us.



Consider role played

by Martin's hoodie

First, I'd like to say to my African-American friends that I hope you understand my thoughts. Trayvon Martin did not deserve to die in the fashion he did. George Zimmerman is a complete idiot. Our Neighborhood Watch folks are not armed, nor do they travel alone.

But let's be fair to both parties. Zimmerman was out of his mind and element. He did wrong. But Martin was not an innocent law-abiding person. The jury did not have enough evidence, period.

Secondly, hoodies should be banned. They are worn to intimidate others, and it is not a good idea to enter a banking facility with one worn to cover three-quarters of your face. It is not a good idea to try to hide your identity from anyone, unless you are in fact a bad person.


Egg Harbor Township

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