Support referendum

for Greater Egg schools

On Tuesday, March 11, the voters of the Greater Egg Harbor Regional High School District will vote on a special referendum to fund necessary repairs and improvements that will benefit the educational needs of our students.

The communities that make up the district need quality schools so that their futures will be in good hands. The students of the three high schools represent our future leaders at the local, state, and national levels. A quality education provided in quality facilities is an absolute must.

The evidence of the need for this referendum is obvious. To see what is to be done, visit the district's website and select "click for FAQs." The needs listed are critical components of a 21st century educational program. And it is foolish to turn down the state's offer to fund 54 percent of the cost. The repairs and improvements must ultimately be done. Why pay more to do them in the future?

My wife and I moved into the district in 2006. We live in a 55-and-over community and, since we will not be sending children to the local schools, would appear to have no vested interest in them. This is not the case. A major factor in establishing a community's value is the quality of the schools. (Ask a Realtor.) We did not move here to deny children the education they deserve. Therefore, we support this referendum.


Mays Landing

Timing of referendum

guarantees low turnout

The Greater Egg Harbor Regional High School District is holding a referendum on March 11 on a $37 million bond issue. I have mixed feelings about the bond issue itself. There is some important work proposed, but an awful lot of fluff. Signs and sports fields are nice, but they are far from the primary mission of educating our kids.

What I object to is the district spending tens of thousands of dollars to hold the election on a date that will guarantee a very light turnout. The district has put the election in the hands of interested parties instead of taxpayers.

Whatever your position, please come out and vote.


Mays Landing

Vote 'No' on $37 million

school-spending plan

The Greater Egg Harbor Regional High School District is asking voters to approve a $37 million referendum.

Money should have been set aside in the district's budget for renovations and maintenance. Districts should have referendums for new school buildings, not for renovations and maintenance. The district needs to budget its money, just as businesses and families do.

A lot of people are out of work. Galloway Township has had a revaluation; taxes will go up. This taxing and spending has to stop. Everyone in the district should vote 'No' on this bond question.


Galloway Township


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