In view of the catastrophic storm recently suffered by our region, I ask the governing bodies in the region to take action to help implement the following recommendations:

Zoning ordinances should be modified to specify that all new and renovated construction should be above the 100-year flood level by at least 4 feet (12 feet above ground level). New bulkheads and attachments should be raised as well.

New flood-proof construction methods, such as those used in Japan, Italy and the Netherlands, should be encouraged for upscale new construction and for new public buildings that would double as shelters in emergencies.

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Frame construction should be discouraged in favor of solid masonry.

Household mechanicals should be located on higher floors.

New installations of window and door glass should be able to withstand higher wind pressure and preferably outfitted with solid outside shutters that could be closed in case of high winds.

New installations of cell towers and antennas should include permanent auxiliary generators, not merely batteries that can discharge in times of extended crises.

I would also urge that utilities further "harden" their infrastructure against the ravages of wind and surf. Insulated piping enclosures have been suggested where underground installations might be cost-prohibitive.

Levies and seawalls are also suggested for lower-lying areas of the township. At a minimum, new Federal Emergency Management Agency standards should apply.


Little Egg Harbor Township

Joseph Yusif serves on the Zoning Board of Adjustment in Little Egg Harbor Township.

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