Regarding the June 29 story, "Brigantine upsets dog owners by suddenly closing their park":

The need for a dog park was accepted by City Council six years ago. People signed up and paid a fee. The site was to be part of the Community Center Complex. The area fenced was too close to some homes. Both dog owners and residents wanted it moved to a permanent location away from homes as soon as possible.

After six years of no action, council suddenly voted to close the park without notice. A padlock was put on the gate one hour later. Seniors who drive to the park were locked out.

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The dog park is an opportunity for those living in condos or small homes to exercise their dogs and visit with friends in a controlled environment. There was no public health emergency, no incidence of violence and no reason why the permanent site could not have been prepared before closing the park.

Taxpaying citizens of Brigantine who use the park deserve their share of the Community Center area. As new sites are being suggested, there is a group suggesting that the dog park is a danger to their children who may be engaging in various sports. All dogs at the park are licensed and are accompanied by a human. Hours are limited. Gates are electronically locked; no children under 18 are allowed into the park; dogs must be up-to-date on all shots; and aggressive dogs are not allowed.

Scare tactics against fellow citizens are unjustified and cruel.



Brigantine dog park

must be improved

Regarding the June 29 story, "Brigantine upsets dog owners by suddenly closing their park":

There have been many disruptions in Brigantine, from budget woes to Hurricane Sandy. However, failing to relocate the city's recently closed dog park, as promised, cannot become another one.

Neighbors' complaints are valid as are those of tennis and bocce players on adjacent courts. It would seem that six years since a generous donation by Ron Weiss to establish a place where dogs could play would provide enough time for the city to relocate this community amenity. The fact that 500 permits have been sold should speak to the need and desire for such an area.

I am a dog owner, but I did not view the park as a viable option, since it is too small and restrictive. As a year-round resident and taxpayer, I resented having to pay to use a park constructed with donated funds. Do others pay to use the multiple, lighted ball fields, basketball courts, skate board park, beach volley ball area and bocce court?

All I ask is that whenever and wherever the new park is constructed, those who will be responsible for the location and design look at other parks, such as the one in Ocean City, and build something similar. Oh, yes, and while we are on the subject, how about a year-round leash-free beach area, dreamer that I am? Four-wheel-drive vehicles monopolize great portions of the south-end beaches while people fishing do the same on the island's north end.



Homeowners suffered

because of dog park

Regarding the June 29 story, "Brigantine upsets dog owners by suddenly closing their park":

As a property owner bordering the park, I want to set the record straight.

The dog park was discussed and a site was quickly approved during late 2007 and early 2008, when very few of the affected property owners were around. When they showed up in the spring, a dog park had been born, only 10 to 50 feet away from many properties. Forty families were adversely impacted. Talk about not being given notice and coming through the back door.

Property owners approached city officials and were told they should be patient since the site was temporary. After the completion of the Community Center in 2011, continuous petitioning through mail, telephone calls and emails went unanswered. Finally, last September, we got the attention, and apparent sympathy, of most council members. We brought the issue up again on June 5.

Property owners have been petitioning for years. Our cause has become more and more public, so the closing could not have been a surprise to anyone paying attention.

The park should never have been put where it was. It was a nuisance and health hazard. Property owners were subject to noise and foul smells while trying to enjoy their homes.

A proposal has been made to relocate the dog park closer to the Community Center, which to me seems workable.



PIER 44 Condo Association


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