Residents can help reduce NJMP noise

TrackRacket’s efforts have changed starting times at the New Jersey Motorsports Park.

Regarding the Sept. 15 story, " Motorsports Park at truce on noise":

There were a number of positive outcomes from TrackRacket's lawsuit against the New Jersey Motorsports Park. Most important, the neighboring community enjoys one hour more of peace and quiet each morning, and voices over the loudspeakers are not booming across the neighborhood.

These meaningful results came about because ordinary citizens took the extraordinary - and expensive - measure of filing a lawsuit as our pleas for help to City Hall went ignored.

One of the biggest frustrations for residents in the early years of the NJMP was that no one knew where to lodge a complaint, and no one had confidence that their complaints would be counted or heard or that any action would be taken.

This has now changed. Through the Sound Committee, TrackRacket and the NJMP are working together to address noise and other issues, setting up dedicated complaint hot lines.

Residents now can have an active role in this partnership when they call or email complaints directly to us. The email address is The phone number, where people can leave a detailed message, is 856-327-7244. You don't need to leave your name, but your location is important.

The most common complaint is early starts, engine noise coming from the NJMP before the allotted time. There are to be no engine starts before 8:30 a.m. and no track activity before 9 a.m. (There are three exceptions per year to this rule and TrackRacket is notified well in advance.)

We are counting on resident participation to help us with our continuing efforts to reduce the level of noise generated at the NJMP.


Lawrence Township

Michelle Post is the founder of TrackRacket.

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