Regarding the Dec. 12 letter, "Data show cameras make intersections safer":

The writer, executive director of the National Coalition for Safer Roads, claims red-light cameras have "the sole purpose of positively changing driver behavior to make intersections and roadways a safer place."

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This is laughable. It is common knowledge municipalities install these devices not so much for safety but as cash cows that augment their municipal revenues.

Public records show the writer's organization is not some high-minded civic group, but is, in fact, the public relations mouthpiece formed and completely controlled by American Traffic Solutions, a company that manufactures and sells red-light camera systems and profits from the traffic-ticket fines imposed on motorists.

Three executives of ATS form the board of directors of NCSR, and the letter writer handles their public relations effort. While the writer cites the reduction in right-angle crashes, he does not address the rear-end collision problem these cameras cause. Nor does he address the problem of questionable tickets issued to motorists at right-on-red intersections. More creative and effective solutions can be found for traffic safety than by outsourcing law enforcement to a company that creates its own profits at the expense of the driving public.


Galloway Township

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