I had the pleasure of co-coaching a team in the championship game for the Northfield All Sports third- and fourth-grade girls recreational basketball league. In my opinion, the players in this game, along with the opposing team's coach, exemplified all that is great about sports for young girls and kids in general.

It was an exciting game that went back and forth, with each team taking the lead by a basket. It came down to a winning shot by a young girl who had the biggest smile on her face.

What I enjoyed so much about this final game was that each team in the championship had a roster of players with all different levels of ability, but on both teams, every girl played in the game, and everyone passed to all the players on their team. These girls really showed what teamwork is all about.

In a society that tries to pressure young athletes to "pick" their sport, play it year round, and attend the proper camps, what are we teaching our children?

That all that matters in sports is how well you can "develop" your skills?

That every young child playing on a sports team is looking for a spot on a college team or even a high school team?

What about the child who just enjoys playing team sports because she can be with her friends, learn some skills, get some exercise and have fun?

So I would like to say thank you to my co-coach, the coach and players of the "Green" team, the girls on my "Red" team, and especially my two daughters, for a super fun season and one that I will not forget.



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